Friday, April 18, 2014

Rain clouds and wishful thinking

Always hopeful
  There are clouds on our horizon, but we aren't likely to get any rain.
But I can always hope.
I would do a rain dance, but my luck some one would video it and I would find myself being silly all over U tube.
Think I will pass on that.
I will just keep hoping that the we get a bit of rain.
I am taking advantage of a nice cool day around here and finishing up a few things. Actually worked outside for a bit. Won't be much longer and that will be almost impossible to do comfortably. The heat will be here soon. Then curling up with my hook will be the best option for a hot day.
My desk was cleared for action last night.
Which is my signal that I have finished a project.
 All the components, notes and charts are carefully put away until I am sure the pattern is written to my satisfaction. Have learned it's so much easier when I remember to keep things together and don't have to chase down a elusive note. Putting each project on it's own clip board has been a big help for me. Now when I am done I slide all the notes, ball wrappers, and anything else pertinent to the project into a page protector and file it away.
I now have over 15 clip boards though, each with a project waiting to be done.
Not to mention those on the bulletin board  and my letter nail.
Someday I will catch up with myself.
We can only hope.
Monday I will take the time to sort through and prioritize them.
Shift things around, and move some forward, also add some to clip boards that what been on the letter nail or the bulletin board.
Think it's time to add a few quick projects. I have been working on larger ones here for a while.
Feeling the need of the thrill of accomplishment.
Got that rush last night and it's addictive.
Red Heart released another one of my design last week.  
Which is also one of those WOW moments.
I don't think I will ever get over the thrill of seeing one of my designs published
The Rosalinda Necklace
It's a free pattern so go enjoy
My pictures of the finished necklace
One more shot
Now  a few flower shots.
You know I can't resist a pretty flower.
Love my globe mallows  
My Alstroemeria is blooming
Came across some pink globe mallow.
Mr spider snuck into my shot.
I did get up and saw the Blood moon this week.
Unfortunately I couldn't get a good shot of it.
But did get a nice shot of the moon before.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Going through the change and it's not what you think.

There is never a guarantee when starting a new design that it will turn out as envisioned. I just got done reworking the chart for a design as it didn't live up to expectations. Now for the major frog that goes with this rework.
Am I crying in my chocolate!
For me it is part of the process!
Most designers understand this phenomenon. It happens all the time. I am not sure the average crocheter reading a pattern realizes how many times things get frogged and reworked when we are designing to make sure it turns out just right. Well at least for this designer it does. I am a firm believer that I should never, ever send out a pattern I am not pleased with. I would prefer not to hide my head with shame when I see a design of mine come up in a magazine or on the internet. So when you are enjoying a pattern remember that it may not have even started out looking like the finished product. It may have gone through several changes before it ended up as the design you are working.

Sometimes I have been known to start all over just because it was easier than frogging the whole darn thing. Then I can see where I want to make changes easier that way too. There are times also when I look at something I have been working on and just think to myself, well if I had just done this, the whole piece would look better and/or be easier to do. Of course it gets a rework then.  More changes.

There are days when I almost wish I could turn off my
What If Button.
Designing would be simpler if I would stick with the plan. But then there are several of my designs you would have never seen.
So I will frog whenever I think an idea can be improved upon.
I will rework until I am happy with it.
and I won't cry in my chocolate when it happens.

I only cry when I have to frog a large number of rows because I can't count, or I make a mistake.
Then it's just because I hate being so stupid as to not double check myself.
Since I have done this long enough and often enough to know better.

If I like what I have just done you will eventually get to see what I am working on. If it never improves to the point I like it. You will only know it as the rumor it is at this point.
I love when the flowers start blooming and we celebrate the changes nature shows us every day.
I do get to share a design that was just released. My Wild Rose Shawl
It is a Free pattern from Red Heart Yarns
You can find it here
Inspired by natures beauty
here is a detail shot of the shawl
and a flat shot of it.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Just don't hold your breath

After doing my post for the Blog tour I decided I really need to write on my blog more often. This from the woman who can't remember to take her vitamins everyday. I am just lucky I don't have any medication I must take on a regular basis. Though I would like to think that if I really needed to take something I would remember it.
That being said, I am going to try and do the once a week post. Maybe I will have Marv set up a reminder on my Kirby alarm. The more bells and whistles reminding me the better.
I think it has something to do with the creative mind, that routine things are difficult for us to remember and do. I have yet to meet a truly creative  person who was neat and truly organized. There might be one or two out there like that. Just like I am sure there is a Lochness  monster and Big foot is hiding in the woods. Wonderful to imagine, but I am not likely to ever see or meet one.
So I have been working on a few designs for the CGOA Design contest. I enter this contest to challenge myself. To see if I can come up with new and unique ideas each year. It is that creative challenge that keeps me going.
I don't think I would do well just cranking out the same sort of things all the time.  I really do love trying to imagine different ways to combine stitches, threads, beads, techniques to create something that makes someone say WOW!.
I blame Marv for creating that addiction. I remember laying out my first filet shawl on the back of the couch to see how it was coming along. When he walked into the room and went WOW! I was hooked on trying to recreate that moment. I have let Marv off the hook, he doesn't have to say that about everything I do. I just try and make others give me that response.
By the way that shawl was the first piece I ever sold as a design. It's in the CGOA pattern line.
Hopefully I have made a few people go WOW! since then, and it is my intention and desire to make a few more WOWs!! in my designing career.
I love when ideas take wing
come together
Buds out and
inspire more ideas
and more ideas
that keeps my hook flowing then
Culminate in beauty

Friday, March 28, 2014

OOOH It's my turn National Crochet Month

Again the National Crochet Month Blog tour has been a wonderful experience. It is always so hard for me to wait my turn.
Amy and Donna at Crochetville have done a lot of work to make this happen. Thank you .
The tour is supporting the  Halos of Hope  Charity this year. So if you are into charity crochet check them out.
I would also like to mention that I love being a member of the
 I am a Professional member, I am also a junior reviewer for the Masters Of Crochet Program. 
 I am so looking forward to this years 20 Year Celebration of the CGOA.
Manchester, NH  July 23rd - 27th
I hope I get to see you there.
 I love talking and sharing crochet with others
I am posting a free Spring flower motif pattern at the end
and I am also introducing a new pattern The Maricopa Shawl.
It is only available on my Etsy site at the moment. 

Being late in the month is a challenge as you want to offer something unique and exciting to finish the month off with a bang. 
But Challenges are what makes me tick.
Most of the blog posts are telling you how wonderful crochet is.
I am going to try and make you think about how Wonderful it can be.
We need to keep growing or we stagnate.
In fact that is my theme for this post.
The Challenges for designers,
The Challenges for today's crocheters.
The Challenges facing the industry
For me personally there is more to my designing than just creating patterns to sell either to editors or to my fellow crocheters out there. I have goals in mind of what sort of things I want to offer the world of crochet. What sort of stamp I am going to leave on the industry when I can no longer contribute.
I try and design things that are
1. Beautiful
2. Original
3 Inspiring
My  Mantra  is
A Good design should inspire others to grow with their crochet skills. It is by this growth of skills that the world of crochet thrives and moves forward into the future.
And DON”T tell me it’s all been done before. I refuse to believe it.
It’s admitting defeat before you even try when we think like this.
The number of combinations of stitches is endless.
What we do with these combinations is also endless.

So let our design be truly creative and joyful.

Now when I say challenges for today's crocheters, I mean something to take you out of your comfort zone.
Maybe a pattern that takes you past the stitches you know on to stitches you haven’t tried before. Maybe a new technique or a new way of looking at how things are constructed. Never done crochet in the rnd, Try it.  
Try Something to help your skills grow. Something to make you feel wonderful when you have accomplished it.
Don’t worry there is someone out there that is more than willing to help you learn a new skill, and new stitch, a new technique.  The Internet is a great resource.
It is so easy to crochet what we know. The stitches the styles, the tried and true.
But we don't grow with our crochet if that is all we do.
When you find yourself finishing something that made you stop, think, and learn you will be so proud of yourself.
What a great feeling.

I am not just talking about crocheters either, but about the whole world of crochet too.
I believe the industry is at a cross roads. With the world at our fingertips via the Internet the standard fare offered needs to look to the future or be left behind. We now see what is offered throughout the world and some of it is truly inspiring. What wonderful tools are now available to make great designs more accessible than ever before. Hopefully the industry will keep pace with this new world of pattern availability and they can help our crocheters of today and of the future step up and  forward in the wonderful world of crochet. When individual crocheters  grow the whole world of crochet grows.  
We can all grow,



The crochet world as we know it.

 And for me that is what makes it all fun.
Spring Flower Motif
Designed By  Kathryn A White
Skill Level   Moderate
Materials  Thread: Size 10
Aunt Lydia’s Wood Violet ( 7 yards ) Aunt Lydia’s  White ( 7 yards )
Aunt Lydia’s Purple ( 10 Yards ) Aunt Lydia’s Forest Green ( 7 Yards )
Hook: Size 7/1.65mm 
Dimensions: Each motif measures 3 inches across

Spring Flower Motif
With green ch 4, sl st to form ring.
Rnd 1  ch 1, 12 sc in ring, ending with a sl st in 1st sc of rnd. End off, weave ends in.
Rnd 2 attach purple  in any sc, ch 1, sc in same sc, sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc, * sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc, * repeat from * to * around, ending with a sl st in 1st sc of rnd, End off, weave ends in.
Rnd 3  attach white in front lp of any sc, ch 1, sc in same sc, working in front lp only around, ch 2, holding the last lp of each st on the hook, 3 dc in next sc, yo, draw through all lps on hook, [ 4 dc cluster made,] ch 3, sl st in top of cluster just made, [ ch 3 picot made, ] ch 3,* sc in next sc, ch 2, 4 dc cluster in next sc, ch 3 p in last cluster made, ch 3, * repeat from * to * around, ending with a sl st into 1st sc of rnd, End off, weave ends in.

Rnd 4 attach green in back lp of a sc on rnd 2 that is between the petals on  rnd 3, ch 1, sc in same sc, working in back lp only around, ch 3, holding the last lp of each st on the hook, 3 tr in same sc, yo, draw through all lps on hook, [ 4 tr cluster made, ch 4, sl st in top of cluster just made, [ ch 4 picot made ]  ch 4, sl st in same sc, * ch 1, sk next sc, sc in next sc, ch 3, 4 tr cluster in same sc, ch 4 p in last cluster made, ch 4, sl st in same sc,  * repeat from * to * around, ending with a  ch 1, sl st into 1st sc of rnd, End off, weave ends in.

Rnd 5 attach wood violet through the 2 lps at top of cluster behind the ch 4 p of any cluster of previous rnd, ch 1, sc in same st, 5 tr in back lp of the sc behind the petal on rnd 3  * sc in 2 lps at top of cluster behind the ch 4 p in next cluster, 5 tr in back lp of the sc behind the petal on rnd 3 * repeat from * to * around, ending with a sl st into 1st sc of rnd, End off, weave ends in.

Rnd 6 attach purple in the 3rd dc of previous rnd, ch 1, sc in same dc, 4 tr in next sc, ch 4 p in last tr made, 3 tr in same sc, sk next 2 dc, * sc in next dc, 4 tr in next sc, ch 4 p in last tr made, 3 tr in same sc, sk next 2 dc, * repeat from * to * around, ending with a sl st into 1st sc of rnd, End off, weave ends in. 

I also am releasing this pattern today:
This is my .
A fast working lacey stitch pattern makes this a fun piece to crochet. With three variations for edgings and stitch counts for size 5 thread and Paton's Lace yarn. The design incorporates the lover’s knot stitch to create this shawl. Light lacey and can be worn in several ways for different looks.

For now it is only available on my Etsy site as I am up grading my Website to new software. Trying to keep up with today's technology. It should be up on my website within 2 weeks. But I couldn't wait to share it with you so put it on Etsy now. 

I hope this year will be a year of growth for everyone!

and may your hook fly.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

It has been wonderful reading all the comments this week. Thank you everyone for your kind remarks.

I wish you all could have been winners of my book.
But alas I only had 2 copies to give away.
The winners are
Who posted this on January 10, 2014 at 11:59 AM
I love doing Irish Crochet. Your book looks great. Would love to win a copy!

I was looking for crocheted flowers for my grandson's wedding cake I crocheted but none I really loved. Now that I have seen a sampling of your work, I think I have found at least one I love. I hope I am one of the lucky ones. Thanks, Anita
Beautiful work.

Congratulations to both of you.
I need both of you to get hold of me at  so I can arrange to get your books to you.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
I hope all of you will have a chance to enjoy Irish Crochet now and in the future.
It's a lovely art form.

I want to Thank you all for taking to the time to share my joy of this book.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Blog tour for my book: The Go To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs

The Go To Book For Irish Crochet Motifs.
I don’t promote myself or my work all that often. But I am so proud of this book I decided to do a blog tour. I asked some fellow lovers of crochet if they would look my book over.
You can find the book at
Their write up for the book
If you have ever tried to make an Irish crochet motif using vintage pattern books, you most likely ended up confused, frustrated and a bit bewildered. In this book, we have taken these lovely motifs and written them in a manner where they make sense to the modern-day crocheter. Now these stunning motifs will be preserved and used now and in the future.
To make this fun
I will be giving aways 2 signed copies of my book at the end of this tour.
All you have to do to have a chance to win it is leave a comment on my blog.  At the end of the Blog tour on the 18th I will do a random drawing for the winners.
I think all the participants of this tour will be giving away books also.
I know that Susan Lowman’s has a signed copy as I delivered hers personally last week.
So to see what they have to say about the book and to enter their drawing be sure to visit them on these dates.
Susan Lowman on Saturday the 11th of January.
Amy Shelton of Crochetville on Tuesday the 14th of January.
Andee Graves on Friday the 17th of January.
I respect and value these people and their opinions and look forward to hearing what they have to say about the book.
I will do my drawing on Saturday the 18th of January so you will have a week to make your comment.
Now about how this book came to be:
I have a love affair with Irish Crochet.
Just look at my work and you can see it reflections in my designs

There is something special about combining motifs and crochet to create works of art that appeals to me.
So I was thrilled when I got to realize a dream of mine
To make Irish Crochet motifs patterns
more assessable and doable for the average crocheter.
When I first discovered there was a whole world of Irish crochet most of the Irish crochet motifs patterns were in antique pattern books and the style of pattern writing was iffy at that time. Some of the patterns just made no sense what so ever. So unless you were good at looking at a piece and creating it that way a lot of the Irish crochet motifs where frustrating for a person to make. Some nigh on to impossible.
So When I mentioned that I dreamed of doing a book that would have better written patterns for the motifs so today's crocheter could enjoy making these motifs to an editor, and she told me to go for it,I did with relish and enthusiasm. This book is the results.
The hardest part of the book was to decide what to include. There is so many wonderful and lovely motifs and I had to make choices. I knew I couldn’t include it all. Wish I could have but there are limits to what I could accomplish in a given amount of time. I must admit a few motifs that are my own originals slipped in. I couldn’t help myself, the book got my creative juices flowing.
I tried to give a good cross section of the different motifs one might want to use.
I decided to break it down into types of motifs, Flower, leaves, fill in motifs,overlays and so forth. So that motifs could be easily found.
I did not do any projects in this book as it is intended to be a reference book when someone needs a motif to use in creating an Irish crochet piece. They can be used as embellishments also. Adding a special touch to everyday items. There are a myriad of uses for these motifs. Just let your imagination run wild.
I also tried to set it up with traditional motifs that use padded rings and padding cord. But I also included a more modern version of as many motifs as I could that are a bit less intimidating as I realized that not everyone is comfortable with the traditional techniques. The best of both worlds.
I did do a section on how to do the true Irish crochet with the fill in lace background. This is one of the most rewarding ways to create truly artistic pieces of crochet work.
Work these motifs in yarn, thread, or whatever your hear desires. Use them any way you can think of and I will be a happy designer.    
I was so pleased when I actually saw the book as it turned out as I envisioned. I will tell you we worked very hard to try and make these patterns as error free as possible. I thank the tech editors for the patience with me and the good job they did. They helped make the book what I dreamed of. 
It is my hope and dream that this book will fill a niche that has been sadly unfilled and make these motifs useable now and for the future..
This was a labor of love for me and
I hope you use my book to enjoy the world of Irish crochet.
The winners are
Who posted this on January 10, 2014 at 11:59 AM
I love doing Irish Crochet. Your book looks great. Would love to win a copy!

I was looking for crocheted flowers for my grandson's wedding cake I crocheted but none I really loved. Now that I have seen a sampling of your work, I think I have found at least one I love. I hope I am one of the lucky ones. Thanks, Anita
Beautiful work.

Congratulations to both of you.
I need both of you to get hold of me at  so I can arrange to get your books to you.
Please contact me asap. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time to reflect and dream.

My New Years Wish!
I will try and greet the new year as
A dream not yet realized,
A design waiting to be created,
A ball of thread full of promise,
A pattern not yet written,
A song not yet sung,
A wish not yet granted,
A picture not yet taken,
A flower not yet sniffed,
A trail not yet followed,
A dance not yet felt.
A day not yet lived,
Each day will give me chance,
to reach out to friends,
to see the beauty in this world,
to create something beautiful,
to share life with those I love.
My wish for you
is that you find life and the new year
as wonderful as you can dream it.
Full of Peace, Prosperity and Joy
 Happy New Years to All My Friends and Family