Friday, September 6, 2013


You would think that being self employed Fridays wouldn't mean all that much to the one self employed.
But I still cherish Fridays and base my weeks work around the weekend. Mostly because Marv still works the 5 day week. It also helps me keep my job from totally taking over my life. Something a person in my position is prone to do.
So Friday evening I try and release myself from the push. Oh I will still work on the weekend, just not with the same determination and dedication that I demand of myself Monday - Friday. In fact I have been allowing my Sundays to be my play day. That's when I pick up something I really want to work on and play with it. I try out new motifs, ideas that have been flirting with me all week. A new stitch pattern. Whatever tickles my fancy. It helps to satisfy my creative side.
I am hoping this will help keep me sane, energized about what I do the rest of the week and in general help me stay in love with what I do.
Oh yes what I do is creative.
But once the idea is figured out. The numbers worked out, and you start the piece, it can become a challenge to finish it. Why because the sense of will it work, can I make it happen is over. The treasure has been found so to speak. Then it's stick with it until it is almost complete. Once it hits that point where you can hardly wait to see it done, all the ends worked in, and blocked then the sense of excitement kicks in once more. I think that is why quick projects are so popular.
But I do still love the sense of accomplishment when I make a larger piece work. It's just I have to push myself a bit more on them.
Well I have a few flower pictures from last weekend.
And one of someone we met on the trail.
We did a drive near Mt Lemmon this last weekend and hiked around a bit.
With the rains the cactus as blooming
Love the colors and composition of this shot.
Beauty among the thorns.
With the blooms you get butterflies.
And another Butterfly
I loved the soft colors of this bud.
who will open up into this type of flower.
If you look closely you will see the face of a Havalina, The wild pig that roam this area.
I had never seen one until Saturday.
The pair we saw were bashful and I couldn't get a clear shot.
But then I didn't try and get close either as I hear they can be pretty fierce if pushed.
But they didn't want anything to do with us and left quickly.
But I can now say I have seen on.
I love looking at natures designs. Makes my little brain start clicking.