Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catching up

I wish I was good about posting more often. I keep apologizing for being so lax on my blog performance. I do find it hard to sit down on a regular basis and write about what I am up to. I have good intentions. I even have ideas about what I am going to write about.
 But then I pick up my hook and I am lost.

I don't know if it's my creative mind that is so unorganized or if it's because I get caught up in my passion. I would like to think it's the later. But who can say for certain.
I have been trying to be more organized in my endeavors. It just hasn't hit my blogging yet.
But in my designing world I have taken steps to be more organized so I am not searching through stacks of notes to find the one piece of paper that has the notes for any given pattern.
What I did is, while they had the back to school sales on, I bought me a dozen clip boards. Now each project gets a clip board assigned to it. While I am working on that project that clip board sits on my desk of on the table next to me while I work. Any notes I make are attached to that clip board. All thread bands, all packaging from any thing I am using is attached to that clipboard also. Each project with it's clip board has a basket it goes in.
I have a basket that holds all the clipboards that have the projects that are in the wings. See I am not silly enough to think I can balance 12 projects at one time. I have 4 going at the moment and 8 that are waiting for me to finish up what I have on the hook now. It is easy to move projects into line this way and prioritize my designs waiting for me to get to them.
So far it is working well.
No ask me in 6 months how it's working out. By that time it will be routine for me or it will have gone by the wayside as a good idea gone bad......

  Do have a few pictures I can share
Thistles at sunset
We went hiking just below the Mogollon Rim 2  weeks ago. The area was so lovely. I was enjoying breathing in the pines. We did get caught in a rain squall and poor Pip did not like the thunder so close to us. We beat feet out of there in a hurry when the lightening and thunder started.
Bright spot in our day
and a few shooting stars. At least that is what these make me think of.