Friday, August 28, 2015

 Considerations ................
I keep thinking I need to get back to my blogging. 
But every time I come in and start writing, I end up feeling like I am ranting. Not sure that is what I really want to be doing. 
But I have a hard time being chipper, chirpy and cute.  
Not  really my style.
It feels fake to me anyways. 
Whose life is truly like that?
So what is a girl to do?
There is a lot of things I feel passionate about. 
My crocheting. 
The crochet world as a whole.
Designer frustrations. 
Pattern theft.
Respect, or lack there of.
And I definitely don't want to start in on politics or religion. 
That is can of worms I will leave unopened. 
I know my beliefs and I act accordingly. 
I will leave the soap box to others. 

Oh I can post pictures. I am good with pictures. Me and my camera are good buddies, But I post my flower pictures on face book where they get enjoyed by a whole lot more people. 

Should I post what I am doing. Can't really say too much since I am a designer. Can't post pictures of pieces in progress, and how many times can you hear I spent the morning working on such and such piece, or writing up a pattern. 

But that is how my day goes. It's not glamorous, It's not earth shattering. It's a job, like so many others. Don't get me wrong. I love my designing. But most of it is just the slogging along putting one stitch in front of another. Or writing it up in as concise manner as I possibly can. 

I don't want to do how to pieces. There are a ton of them on U Tube and one more in the pot won't make that big of deal. Besides it is not where I want to put my energies, just to attract more followers.

Not that I need the followers like the blogs that rely on ads to bring in income. So you won't find free patterns here on my blog. 
Oh shut up Kathy!
That is a rant in the making. 
See I do have a problem. 
you should be charming, chatty and chipper. 
Okay who is that stranger...... I would ask.

I think I will be me and you will get my rants. 
Because truly this is my blog and it's where I can share how I feel about things. Things I care about. 
Like where  crocheting it going,  
And you will have to put up with me telling you I spent the morning in the frog pond.