Monday, October 31, 2011

I moved all my plants I have planted so far into my garden yard yesterday. I will finish what planting I plan to do this year later this week. I think this use of Pippie's old dog run is going to work out well. Gives me the opportunity to control things a bit more than just placing the pots out in the yard someplace. Poor bunnies are going to have to live without my tomatoes and such.
Only light crocheting this weekend. But I did get quite a bit done on 2 different projects. But I didn't push for a change of pace.
Today was another pleasant day Marv had the day off so we spent it playing tourist hikers around here. We hiked up to see the hieroglyphics this morning that was definitely an uphill climb. Then this afternoon we took Pippie with us and went up to the salt river and hiked around some more.
I really enjoyed seeing the running water and getting my toes wet. What was more surprising was Pip. He hates a bath. But he just splashed right in with me with out even hesitating. He loved it. It was a perfect afternoon for it. Wish we had taken the cameras up the the river, but we really hadn't planned to to more than just locate the trail heads and see if we would be interested in going up there to hike around. We will be going back and the cameras will be going with us next time.
 We did get quite a few shots this morning. I haven't had time to edit them all. But I will post some of them. I will post more later. Marv took the good camera and I played with the little one. I even got a few shots of him. I don't have too many pictures of him as he is normally behind the camera. Teach him to hand me a camera.
View up by Peralta Trail head

Marv below the Hieroglyphics
Checking out the natural shelter
Marv in front of Shelter
A pleasant rest point
View form Hieroglyphic down towards Gold Canyon
Pip in the water with me

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not too much crocheting happened today. Though I did get some done while we were in transit.

But we went bowling this morning and then hiking up in the Superstitions this afternoon. We both should sleep well tonight. It was a wonderful afternoon for a hike. We hiked for almost 3 hours. Not sure how far we hiked but it was through some awesome country. The rock formations are something to see. I had Marv take some pictures.(  I take a terrible pictures so Marv gets that duty. ) Next time I think we will take the better camera though.  Now that the weather is cooler we are planning on doing this on a regular basis. We need to get a map of all the trails so we know where we are going, there are lots of different trails we can explore.
Now I am going to curl up with my hook and get a Little crochet work done, If I don't doze off that is.........
Here are some pictures from our hike today.
We had some pretty wonderful vistas to choose from. This is only one shot of the views we saw.
This rock formation makes me think of a teapot.

Rock formations. Pretty amazing.
Another Rock outcrop

A Mesquite tree stump

And yet another rock formation.
And a shot of me in front of rock formation. Looks like another rock used to be embedding in this one.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My design is all figured out. I just need to do it in the right thread now. I normally work in the thread I am going to use. But the thread for the final doesn't handle frogging well so I decided to do a test design first that I could frog to my hearts content. I will wait to do the final until next week as I need to be able to concentrate and write the pattern up at the same time. That is a bit hard to do on the weekends when we tend to be out and about more and there is more than just me in the room. Just too many distractions to do a good job of writing up a more complicated pattern.  I am pleased with how it is turning out. Well I normally am at this point. If I wasn't I would be frogging........................ DUH!!!
 I did come up with a scathingly brilliant idea yesterday. Today we are making it happen.
 I was outside working in the yard and when I was putting away the wheelbarrow I happened to glance over at the disassembled dog kennel we had when Pip was a puppy and we didn't want to leave him in the house when we were both at work. Its chain link, 6 ft by 6 ft. Well it hit me what a perfect little yard for my garden. I can have all my plants in there protected from the busy little rabbits that thrive around here. So Marv is reassembling it now for me. All my plants are in pots so I can move them easily if it freezes and I want to get them in under cover. So moving them into my garden yard will not be a problem. Of course it just a small area but this is my year of experimentation down here so I am only doing a small garden any ways.  Next year if I need more space we will do something a bit more permanent.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It always amazes me how messy designing can be. I am sitting here with my desk top covered with what I call snippets. Small samples of ideas I am playing with. Each one is slightly different from the next. My WHAT IF button has been working overtime on this piece. Looked at properly they show the progression of this piece. Looked at piled on my desk they are just a jumble mess.  But the piece is almost to where I want it. Just a few more tweaks and I will have it. I think well worth all the starts and restarts.

I had to laugh this morning watching Elsie and Pip our dog. Pip had fallen asleep behind my chair. In the meantime Elsie came and laid down at me feet.  Now Elsie has everyone so bamboozled in to thinking she is queen around here. So when Pip woke up and decided it was time to leave, he would take one step and freeze to make sure Elsie wasn't going to object. Take another step and freeze. It took 6 steps to get past the queen.  Then he scurried off to where he originally intended to go. She never even acknowledged he was there. .
My question is if our pets reflect us.
Am I like Elsie, truly a total bitch or just a strong, dominate personality type, or maybe I am like Pip just a bit of a coward............?  Tough question
Here is a picture of the queen on my Wishful Angels Treeskirt. She insisted she needed to be in the shot! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The doily is on the blocking board, My errands have all been run. The house is almost presentable. ( Just need to sweep the family room here. So guess how I am going to spend my afternoon. Playing with my hook and thread. It's design time. My favorite time is when I can let the creative juices flow and see where they take me.

I did enjoy this morning finishing up the doily. I was really getting into the rhythm of making my stitches. One of those times that you become aware of just what your fingers are doing. Most of the time we get going so fast at a project we forget to take the time and enjoy the process.  So when I started to notice what I was doing,  I made myself take the time and really appreciate just what was going one. Its almost a dance between the hook and thread, both weaving and spiraling around to an unheard rhythm. Of course it's not just the hook and thread there is always the third element that is crucial to make this all happen and that element is me. So whether I stay aware of it or let it flow subconsciously I am always a part of the dance with my hook and thread. Can't think of a nicer way to start my day.

Elsie the cat that thinks I am her personal possession found a new past time this morning. She discovered that she could see the hummingbird feeder outside my window here by my desk. After she removed one of my plants from the window sill I promptly was as good owner and removed the rest so she could chatter at the birds to her hearts content. This isn't a bad thing as she can't reach the birds and I get a little peace from her trying to change the rule that she doesn't belong on my lap when I have hook in hand. Though for the most part she is pretty good about that rule. But she has days that she is just sure that the rule only applies to her brother Bilbo and not her.

My hook is calling to me so I am off to continue my dance with it and some thread.  Elsie is happy and so am I.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I think I have thwarted the rabbits that were eating my tomato plants. At least they haven't eaten my poor plants since I put them in their little cage. I did get the one tomato plant replaced. and it is surrounded by wire. So it should be safe too. I have also got my one bed done and my zucchini planted. Hopefully it will do okay. Not sure what to expect down here. Gardening is a whole new game here compared to what I am used to. 

I will finish this doily either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I already have the thinking cap on for my next design I need to do.  I am hoping to have that all figured out and done by next week. I like the sketches I have so far. But who knows if it will follow the plan or take on a life of it's own once I get started. Always the adventure..... !

Then I will be free for a while to create whatever my heart dictates. Have several designs that have been waiting for my hook to free up. Those will go to the top of the list. I mean I have the designs all figured out, even have all the thread I need to complete them. I just need to actually crochet them. I am getting excited just thinking about being able to complete them. Okay I get excited easily. But it's what makes me happy.

Oh yes to update. I am feeling better. Not 100% yet, but doing much better. So rare I have to see a doctor. Marv knows things aren't right when I tell him I am going to the doctors. Normally you have to drag me kicking and screaming. Well maybe not screaming, but some definite whimpering.......

Monday, October 24, 2011

It definitely feels like a Monday. Why some days have a certain feeling to them I will never know. But Mondays are always a two edged sword.
It's got the feeling of new beginnings and adventure. Everyone seems to want to start projects or discuss ideas on Mondays.
It's also got the feeling of let down. The weekend if done and gone. Time to pick up the pieces of whatever you left on Friday to wait just for this day. Back to the grindstone so to speak....
 Well I have picked up my pieces and I am now busy on the next doily I need to get done. It's coming along well. Restitches don't take me too long to do. All the calculations are done and I get the rare pleasure of just crocheting one of my doilies like anyone else does. Makes it kind of fun.
 I have also committed myself to new things too. Of course I can't say what they are. That's just the way it has to be. Just that there was and is the element of adventure also today.
Definitely a Monday

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I had a long sleepless night last night. Then a quick trip to the urgent care this morning to get taken care of. No fun when your body decides it doesn't want to play nice. It's not a big problem, just uncomfortable. I knew instantly what the problem was and what the fix was also. Just I needed to see the doctor to make it happen. So  I will be on antibiotics for the next 10 days. 
Needless to say I am not at my best today. Though it has still been a busy day and I am just now getting to sit down and relax. I have managed to get a little bit of crocheting while doing all the running we ended up doing.
 Marv was a sweetheart and bought me a new pc tablet. I have been eyeballing the tablets for a while. They just look so handy. But I truly need all the capabilities of my computer.  I need a word program, my photo editing program. and all the rest. I needed more than a glorified reader and or Internet browser. This little baby looks to be it. I like the fact that I don't need a mouse or keyboard. Just it, so when I am out and about it will be much more convenient than my little laptop I have had. It does have a docking station that I can use here at home with a key board and it came with a blue tooth mouse so I have a mouse if I so desire. We went up to Scottsdale to the Mircosoft store to take a look at it to see if it was anything like what I wanted. After taking a long look at it we wandered around the mall for about 2 hours talking about it. Well it came home with me.I think it will fit my needs quite nicely. Thank you Marv, You spoil me rotten.....
 Tomato report. I didn't get in to get a new tomato plant to replace the poor thing that something ate. I did cage the other two tomatoes and it's a good thing I did. Something came in today and finished off the poor tomato it had already done under. It is now nothing but a bare stalk that is eaten through half way down at the base. Pretty pathetic looking thing. I do believe it is rabbits that got my first one. At least they were just out there trying to figure out how to get into the cage I have over the remaining tomatoes. So I strongly expect they were looking for second helpings. They will have to look else where from this point on.
Time to kick back, relax and get a bit of crochet work done. But I am not going to push this evening. Tomorrow will be soon enough to start pushing again.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Going to take the weekend and work on this project I started yesterday. Monday I will start the next piece that has a deadline. It will only take me a few days to get it done. But it's easier to concentrate on something like that during the week when things are a bit quieter. The project I am working on is easily portable and doesn't take too much concentration. Now that I got it all worked out what I want to do on it. So while we are out and about this weekend it can go with me. Perfect for this weekend.  And I am so ready for this weekend.
 I am So frustrated, something ate my Roma Tomato plant. Right off at the base. It was doing so good too. It had blooms on it and looked so healthy. So tomorrow I will have to replace that poor plant and put a cage around it to keep whatever got it away from my tomatoes.
I did make the best acorn squash I have ever had last night. Instead of baking it with brown sugar and butter like I normally do. I decided I wanted something with a little less fat to it. So I had the inspiration of filling the well of the squash with Cinnamon applesauce instead. Then baking it. I did rub the cut with applesauce too before I baked it. Talk about good. I will definitely be doing that one again. So simple and so good. Even Marv said it was pretty tasty. That is saying something.
Time to get back to work, The siren call of my hook is calling me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am back on my normal schedule today. Actually for once I am right on the time line I was projecting for the day. Not often I meet it so closely. It's nice when you meet goals with time to spare.
 Doily is on the blocking board, I will take care of the pattern this afternoon. Plus I have one more that needs to be readied for my testers. Then I will free to do some experimentation this afternoon for another design. Thats when I am the happiest I think. When I am playing with ideas an watching them come together.

While working this morning on finishing up this doily I was thinking about how we are perceived by others. ( Crochet Designers as a whole )  When some one asks what I do and I tell them I design crochet I get such a myriad of responses. Mostly though It oh my ( insert relation ) crocheted. It was a such nice hobby for them. Sometimes I get the oh that's nice response and sometimes they look at me with a blank expression on their face. Those I do try and explain what Crochet is and what patterns are and why designers are needed.
   But how many of these people actually think I am doing something of value?  If I worked in factory assembling a product then I would be gainfully employed. But I work here at home assembling something that never existed before except as an idea. In many ways that is tougher. I have no blueprint, no specifications, just an idea and my tools. But I always get the feeling that they think I am just playing. If only they knew how driven a person with ideas can be they would know better.

You know it's like cooking. Lots of people cook. Some more seriously than others. Then there are Chefs that produce food for others to consume. That is their job. They create new dishes, and serve them up for us, or create new recipes for us to enjoy. They are respected and no one thinks they are playing. We should have the same sort of respect. Yes your granny could cook but was she a chef?  If she was wonderful! But if not please don't put me in the same category. I am a chef and the average cook needs me  to create the recipes that they use in their everyday lives.

Crochet is important to so many people. It helps relieve stress. It fills the creative void in others. It helps people create and own something they desire. It's really a big industry and I feel honored to be a small part of it. But I would like someday to be have people take is as a real career.
I guess I am fantasizing about have people take me seriously. Maybe in the future.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some days are just better than others. Both Marv and I have been working extra hard here the last month or so. He's been putting in a lot of overtime and I have been trying to prove to myself I can make a go of being a designer. Long story short. We are tired. So when the opportunity for Marv to take the day off he did.
We have had an wonderful day. Went bowling this morning and then did a little running that we have had to put off because of work schedules. Now we are going to curl up and watch some of our favorite movies. Pig out on one of my special Can't leave it Alone Puddings and call the day a done deal. Every once in a while you just have to have dessert for dinner right? We don't do this often and consider it a special occasion when we do.
I will of course be crocheting while watching our movies. But I am working on a project that is pure joy for me to work on so that is all good too. Of course anytime I get to crochet with thread I am happy and content.
Tomorrow we will both go back to our usual routine. But today is ours.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finished the shawl early this morning. It is now being blocked. So I am feeling good about the last few days work. I would brag about it looking lovely, but that isn't the polite thing to do.... Ah  well I will anyways. Yes, I think I have a good design here. It really is rather pretty, Okay really pretty. I am also pleased that the pattern is 99% written. Just have to put some numbers for the final rnd in and all the pertinent information. Hook, Yarn, Size that sort of thing. 
   Now I can get busy on my next project. Yeah this one is thread. Looking forward to that. Shouldn't take me long to do what I need to do for this one. My fingers are itching to get back to work in thread. I did have some sneak into my hands last night and I couldn't resist and did up a sample motif. Felt sooo good.
   But before I get busy on that I do need to take some time and give my house a quick once over. Things like find the top of my dest again. Do the vacuming and dusting and we wont even talk about what needs done in the bathrooms. Though I do keep them and the kitchen pretty much caught up all the time. There are some things in life that are just better off if you don't let them slide even a little bit. I don't like paying the price when I do.....
   Once the next three projects are done. I am sincerely hoping I can find a little time to sort out my thread cabinet. It's starting to get a little more jumbled than I care to see it. I do like being able to find things when I want them. Saves me having to go out and by more. That and it still has never really been organized yet since the move. It just sort of got put in there any old which way and I have been working out of it that way since. Time to change that.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other than taking time out to go get some food in this house I have working hard all day. Got up early with Marv as he had to go into work and I got busy then. So it's been a long session so far. But this piece is coming together though. I should finish it tomorrow.  This one is the last of these design ideas for the project I am working on.  Instead of  a swatch/prototype  I am doing an actual piece.
One: because it shows of the design much better.
Two:  because I couldn't resist making one for me.
Some ideas just demand to be made as soon as possible. This was one of them. I just had to see it done.
Why some designs just seem to call out more to me than others who knows. But there are some that do and they are the ones that make designing so addictive. Why I love being a designer.
So I am picking up my hook again and getting as much done on this one today as I can.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hope no one is suffering from a Yarn Hangover from yesterday. Though it is hard to over indulge in yarn. I enjoyed my day chatting with others who share my passion. I even won a prize. More yarn. Can always use that.  I did manage to meet all my goals for the day in spite of trying to keep up with what was going on. Feeling good about what I have been working on here lately. With any luck and some serious hooking here this weekend I could possibly have this phase of this project done by Monday. Ready to be picking back up my thread and smaller hooks.
My bed for my zucchini is ready for some soil. Probably won't get a chance to pick that up until next week sometime. My Tomatoes are looking good though. They seem happy where I have them. 
Quick trip to the post office and then it's back to hooking for me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy {{{{{{ I LOVE YARN DAY }}}}}}

Today is I LOVE YARN DAY.  So to celebrate I will be crocheting away while chatting with fellow crocheters on Crochetville. Should be a fun day.
Still working on the project that I have been working on. Finished one swatch/prototype this morning and started the next one. It's all figured out. But I am working it up in the right type of yarn and writing up the pattern while I am at it. Did the first one while on the plane and it was just easier to crochet and not worry about writing it up then. That and I didn't have the right type of yarn. Should have this one done today and then I have only one more to do to meet my goal for this project.
Good thing as the thread I have been waiting for the next few projects got her yesterday afternoon. So my fingers are itching to get going on that.
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful I LOVE YARN DAY and you can spend it  with the yarn you love.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Normally I have posted by this time. But today has just sort of slipped away for me. Lots to think about and I do my best thinking while wielding my crochet hook so you know what I have been doing today.
 Making good progress. Enjoying the yarn that got here yesterday. I am still swatching. In the next few days I will start on projects that have a definite deadline. Just waiting for my thread to arrive. Looking forward to getting busy on these projects.
There are days I really wish I could share more about what I am working on. It's so hard to keep my big mouth shut. But shut it must be. That is the price of being a designer. No one gets to see my pretties when I am most proud of them. The moment after creation. Not that I am not proud of them later, But there is something special when I view my design come to life for the first time. I always want to share them with everyone at the time.
I did get more done on my garden this morning. It was rather pleasant to be working outside this morning. Though the hummingbirds, and the warbler that visit my feeders would much rather I only showed up at feeding time. I got buzzed a couple times by the hummers. They will get used to me working out there I am sure.
Time to go get busy.  So many ideas and only so many hours in a day

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yeah! yesterday the ups driver left a package on my porch. The yarn I have been waiting for has arrived. Now I just need to keep my fingers off of it until I finish this swatch. Should be done in a few hours time. I think I can wait that long. I think I can.... I think I can.
I have spent my time outside working on prepping the bed I intend to plant my zucchini  in. It is going to take me a few more days to get it finished. I can only work so long out there before it warms up too much to work comfortably in. I am no fool, I do not need heat stroke. So I come in and quit moving rocks and such when it get too warm. It will be there waiting for me in the morning. I am seeing progress though everyday.
Time to grab my hook and get busy. The sooner I finish this one, the sooner I can play with this yarn I got yesterday

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At which point does the design own you? Seems like all my waking hours, and I am sure a lot of my sleep hours too have been filled with the designs I am currently working on. I keep thinking of how to make things work better or lay better constantly all the time it seems. One I have redone now 5 times to get just the way I want it.. But they are finally coming together, though my brain is screaming that I am not done yet. There are more ideas that need to be captured. I love it when things are so productive but there are limits. Well maybe? Maybe not? Can't tell you for sure as my mind is busy elsewhere. Should that be a ch 3, or a ch 2 sp? 
But I did manage to get a little house work done this morning and I did make it out to work in the yard for a while. Now I can surrender myself to the call of my hook in peace as all my necessary chores are done.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I did get my tomatoes and strawberries planted this morning. I put them in large pots on casters so when and if the weather gets bad enough I need to protect them I can roll them into the garage. I am hoping this will work so I can actually get a crop of tomotoes.  The strawberries went into a strawberry jar. Haven't figured out how I will protect them from the birds yet. Give me time I will think of something.
My hook is busy this afternoon. Love how one project stimulates ideas for future projects. Only problem is I want to do them all now. But I keep telling myself to be good and finish what I have going, not take off with another idea until this is finished

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quiet day

Today was so nice as I got to spend it with Marv, We haven't had much time together here lately with my travels and his work schedule. So it felt really great to go bowling this morning and had a good time, managed to have some half way decent scores too. We hit a few yard sales and got some other running done after wards. All together a pleasant day. The weather cooperated to and was not too hot, and not too cold, but just right. I got my tomatoes for my pots and a strawberry jar and the plants to go in it. I will get them all planted in the morning.
   Latest design is going well. Taking a break yesterday was just what I needed. By the time I came in from working out in the yard I knew exactly what I needed and wanted to do. So it's been flying off my hook now. Should have this one all figured out by tomorrow. It always amazes me how things work themselves out if you just let it happen. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Doing a little victory dance

Yes. I got my slide show up here on my blog. Yeah!!!!  It wasn't easy and I never would have done it without help from the help forum. Thankfully they were patient with me and finally figured out all the hoops I had to jump through to make this work. It certainly wasn't a very straight forward proposition. At least not for this non tech savvy person.

But it is up and working beautifully so now you can see some of the designs I have done. It is by no means all of them. It does give a good feel for my style and loves. My passion for doilies definitely shows. Hope you enjoy it.

Going to try and take a bit of a break from my crocheting today and work out in the yard. At least for a little while. The weather is nice enough that I won't cook out there. So much happier now that the weather has started to cool down.  I must  admit I am missing the fall colors. We just don't seem to get them down here. Oh I know I can drive to the mountains to see them. But it's not the same as having them right out your window. Okay enough of that. I will make the most of the world I have around me and not dwell too much on what I don't have available.
So I will trim up a few trees and figure out where I am going to put my tomato plants. Not going to get too carried away with a veggie garden until I figure out how to do it down here.  It's going to be a learning experience for me. My goal this year is a few tomato plants and maybe a zuchinni. Then I will add more next year. But I have to have my tomatoes.

My swatches are coming along. Lots of do and redo going on. But I am getting what I want slowly but surely. Sometimes what looks good on paper just doesn't work in reality. Hence the experimentation. Still not a hundred percent pleased with this one so far. Will work on it later today after I have had some time to think about it. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the hardest to carry out.

Off to play in the yard

Friday, October 7, 2011

My first fustration here

So far today is a bust. I was trying to add a slide show of  my work here and I can't seem to figure it out. Will have to try again later, I have other things that need my attention right now.  I knew there were going to be things here that would challenge this lady. Though I will figure it out I am sure. But it may take me a while.
Still working on my swatches and have a few errands to run. That will pretty much take care of today.
I did get that pattern I needed to finish writing done yesterday afternoon. So I can get that to my testers. Started the next swatch and it is going well. Working out the kinks for the larger design will make my life simpler later. Can't do that with every design but for what I am working on now I can.  For doilies this just doesn't work as each row is an adventure in itself when I am designing.
Will write more tomorrow, right now I need to go get busy. I would love to have this next swatch done by this evening. So wish me luck on that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My hook is still a flashing

Still working on this design swatch. I needed to do a large enough piece to see if my idea would work as expected and to get my numbers down correctly. Will do some minor changes in the final design but I am thinking this just might be worth the effort I have put in. Will have the swatch finished up this morning. 
 We actually have rain this morning. Around here that is awesome. So I am enjoying the morning as I am crocheting here. Still adjusting to the desert and rain is a welcome event for me. I am told things will get nicer now this time of year. Summer was tough on me. Just not used to the dry and I missed my green......
 Well back to work here. This is to the point that I want to see it done. There is always that moment where you step back and look a a design and you know if it really truly worked or if you only touched on the idea or concept you wanted. I will know soon.  I get so excited at this point.  Hurry fingers.............

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am still here!

Well I haven't tucked my tail between my legs and run yet. So it can't be to bad. I am slowly getting the hang of it here. Still have a lot to learn and lots I want to add. But I am not pressing myself to get it all done now. Seems to be working best this way, at least for me.

On the crochet front.
I started out this morning frogging last nights work. Don't worry I am not in tears over doing this. It never bothers me to frog when I am designing. That is just part of the process. It only bothers me when I make a just plain stupid mistake. But when I am designing and I can see how something can work better it doesn't bother me in the least to rip it out and try it the new way.
So six rows out and they are almost put back in now. And yes I like it much better. Well worth the time and energy it took to redo that section. Hopefully I can have the basics of this design completed today.  I am being a sensible designer and writing it up as I go. So there won't be to much to do but crochet on the final piece.
Still need to write up the last couple rows on another design. But I want to get this one sorted out before I do that little chore. Was going to do it yesterday but got caught up in design mode, and didn't want to stop the flow. Maybe I should have done that last night and I might not have been frogging this morning. Oh Well. I am not going to start second guessing myself. That would drive me bonkers eventually. There is enough things to drive one crazy without adding another.
Well my hook is calling to me again.
Though it is going to have to share me today with some housework and errands. If I don't get groceries soon it's going to be pretty slim pickins around here. Definitey haven't gotten back into routine yet from my travels. I am hoping by the end of the week things will be pretty much back to normal.
Off now to answer the call of my hook.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of my Cyber adventure

Well I survived my first day of blogging and it wasn't too painful. I will try and figure out something else today. Figured if I break it down in to bite size chunks I will do better than trying to learn it all at once. Far less overwhelming that way.

As for my crocheting. Yesterday I didn't even pick up a hook. Rare day folks. But I was so burned out from all the traveling I had just completed that I decided I needed a true me day. But I was dreaming of crochet last night so of course it won't be long this morning before a hook jumps into my hand. I have some swatches I need to finish up and one pattern I need to put the finishing touches on. So my day will be busy.
 I did four swatches on this last trip. I will need to get the patterns written up for them as well in the next day or so. I also have 2 other designs just begging for some hook time from me. One is a doily and one will either be a scarf or a shawl. Just haven't decided which direction it will go.
 My idea stack keeps growing so there is no chance in the foreseeable future of not having something new and exciting to work on. I think that is why I love designing. There is that anticipation of seeing whether my idea is actually going to work out like I envision it or not. Sometimes it does and sometimes it takes on a life of it's own. Sometimes it goes into the OH well, not this time heap. But that is part of the process.
Well it is time for me to get busy.  My hooks are calling to me................

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thought You might want to see an example of my work. I will post more as I go along. But this is one of my designs.

This Old Crochet Addict Enters Cyber Age

I have resisted starting a blog for a long time. But I realized that I do need to join the cyber age and start a blog.
So Here I am .
I am a crochet designer . Love designing in thread. Give me some thread and a hook and away I go.
So I will share what I can of my journey with you on these pages. Of course I can't tell you what I am currently working on at any given point in detail. Or show you pictures of what  I just created. Those have to remain private until they are published.
But I can and will share with you is my thoughts on my designing and the joys and fustrations of my days.
So what do I design?
Doilies are my favorite thing to design. Shawls are probably my second favorite. But I can and do design other things as well. It's what ever strikes my fancy. The design process is what lures me in. I just love making something that is totaly unique to me from next to nothing.
So Welcome to my world