Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Wrap up :)

“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.”
Albert Einstein
Once again I am writing only once a week. But at least I am managing this much. The days slip by way too fast and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to get all I want to do done. So you will have to settle for my weekly updates for a while.
My plants are thriving in the green house. I am beginning to feel like I might just succeed in growing something to eat. I keep telling Marv that right now these are very expensive vegetables. But it has become a matter of honor that I figure out how to grow something down here. I do have last weeks pictures. I haven't taken any yet this week. Will try and do that tomorrow. Actually I just took a moment and ran out and did that. You will have to wait for the pictures until next week.
We actually got rain this last week. Thursday night and Friday night both.
Friday night we got to listen to it while in the motor home. We checked out a campground not too far from our home in the Tonto Park. Oak flats was the name of the campground. About 35 miles from home,  We will be going back to this one. We actually had a very private camping spot and it was wonderful. Though it was cold and it was wet. We were both feeling rather smug at how comfortable we were. Felt rather sorry for the people camping in tents and tent trailers. They had to have been pretty miserable. When we left Sunday morning the campground was pretty deserted. Many people just couldn't deal with the weather.
Are we enjoying the RV. You Betcha!!!! 
Project Report. I just finished a redo project. It will be shipped out in the morning. Garments I am still learning. Though I am not sure I truly want to learn how to size them and such. They are a whole lot of work when you are inexperienced in that field.
There is a definite learning curve and I am definitely on it at the moment.
I still have too many projects going at the moment, though I am starting to whittle them down. Will be glad when I am back to my 2-3 projects at a time. Another week or so should see me there. I am really having to give myself a stern lecture each time I want to pick up a hook and start a new project. I just have too many ideas I want to work up or try. It can be so frustrating at times that my fingers only can work so fast.
Well I have plant pictures. Travel pictures and of course foliage pictures......
Before the storm hit us here on Thursday evening the Superstitions where just glowing against the threatening sky.

This was one of the vistas we had up at Oak flats. As you can see the sky was still rather interesting. I love it when there are clouds. I especially like watching their shadows march across the hills.

There isn't many flowers this time of year. But I did find a few trying to bloom.

But mostly I had to settle for the seed pods. Though they are beautiful in their own right. Such soft colors.

Marv and Pip climbing rocks. Both have their bright color spots to let hunters know we aren't game. Gammy maybe, but not worth shooting.

Mr Scrub Jay came to make sure we kept our campsite clean. I took this through the window as I didn't want to disturb him.

I couldn't resist this shot. The Bougainvillea was back lite by the afternoon sun.

One more sky shot

Okay here are my tomato plants. They are actually doing well.

And my Roma Tomato

and my peas. They are twice this size now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Wrap up

“Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
Margaret Mitchell
I really do need to post more than once a week as there is just too much going on in my life to capture it all in one short blog post once a week. It's just hard to always find the time to post. I am at least trying to maintain my Weekly Wednesday Wrap up.
Lets see what has been going on this week.
I took the time and cleaned out my greenhouse and replanted again. Going to try this now that the weather has started to cool down. Still trying to figure out how to grow things down here. Been a real challenge and learning experience. It's a lot more than just sticking seeds in the ground and watering here. You have definite pest control issues. Anything green seems to be fair game to the wild life around here.
Hence the green house.
So far everything is up and looking good. I have it set up to water everyday for me so when I can't be here to take care of the little darlings they won't suffer. Took some pictures of everything earlier. But haven't got them uploaded yet. Will post next posting.
We took our RV on a shake down cruise Friday -Sunday. We had a wonderful time. Figured out a few things that we needed to include to make life a little nicer. We spent the first night near Safford Az in a State park with all the hookups and such. It was the perfect spot to do our first night out with the RV. We enjoyed hiking around the little lake that was in the park.
We then took off to a more remote site near Clifton AZ. No power, no hookups. It did great. We did a little hiking on the Gila river but didn't wander too far as there were a lot of hunters in the area. So we stayed pretty close to the campground.
Sunday when we drove home Marv made my afternoon by stopping at the Arboretum in Superior. Oh it was lovely. Not a lot blooming this time a year. But a lovely oasis of green. I do have some picture for you.
The nice thing about my job is I can work anywhere. So I actually got a lot of crocheting done this weekend. Worked out the kinks on a new design. Worked on two long term projects also. Didn't finish anything but made good progress on all that I took with me. Also did a little sketching of ideas and some pattern writing. Love having my flash drive set up so I can work on any of my computers anyplace.  So a productive weekend.
Yesterday was my favorite Tuesday of the month. It was the crochet meeting up in Prescott, Az.  I am so glad I started going up there each month. They are such a great group. We had a great time. I taught a friend Irish crochet padding cords and she helped me get  acquainted with my Adobe Illustrator program. Some day I hope to be able to chart my designs. That's my goal anyways.
I am hoping to get a little time to play with the program tonight. Thank you Susan for you help. I am not worried about messing up too much with it now.
Well I have some pictures from last weekend to share.
Now isn't this a pleasant looking place to spend some time. This is at the Arboretum by the visitor center.
Loved the colors and the cool look.

The Gila River looking up at this lovely old bridge.

Pip giving his seal of approval to the whole weekend. He loved the trip.

Caught this shot of the snowy egret in flight. A bit blurry, but he wasn't hanging around for me to focus the camera.

Same Egret before he took off.

Our new toy. It's a small one. But just right for the 2 of us and pip.

Loved how the afternoon sun highlighted this flower. Taken at the Arboretum.

This little fellow I found on the side of the road. A little bit of color peaking out at me.

Taken near Rope lake. I wanted to capture these colors together.
A lot of the pictures I took this weekend were color studies.
Nature has a wonderful palette.