Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's my job.........

For me it's easy to create. I can whip up new designs in a heartbeat. 
My what if button goes off on a regular basis and I see new ideas every where. Makes my heart sing. 
Now writing up the pattern is not so simple. 
Actually it's hard work. 
Think about it. 
The creating is an art form. 
It flows, it grows, it changes shape while exploring possibilities. I am happiest when creating. 
 The pattern writing is a mathematical formula. 
They have to come from the same brain that wants to go fly with the designing.
I have to change my thinking from one mode to another to create that pattern you will be using. 
That is where it gets to be work. 
It doesn't help that I am dyslexic too. 
Though I believe that helps in the creative side of my work. But it is a serious obstacle when it comes to writing up a concise, correct pattern. 
The brain says one thing, the hand types another, and the eye sees what it wants to see. 
So every line, every row, every round has to be scrutinized and read, reread and reread again. Put aside for a period of time and then reread yet again.
Not just the complicated row/rounds, but all of them. 
The numbers have to add up. The phrasing has to be correct. It is an art writing a good pattern. 
This is before an tech editor ever sees it. 
Then you have to hope that they keep the correctness of the pattern as it is put into a slightly different format for whatever publication it is headed for. 
You say well write it in their format.....
Good one. 
Think about it. 
Each and every publication has their own format. 
It's hard enough writing it all up with out confusing the poor brain trying to write it in someone else's format. I would definitely be pulling out my hair then. Trying to remember how they want things done while trying to get it to make sense would make it even harder to write. Especially since I don't think like some of the publications want things written. I find some pattern writing styles not to be user friendly though that is their intent.
 ( but that is another subject)  
So I sit here trying to keep my brain from shutting down.
 Slapping my fingers from drifting off to work on a much more fun thing like designing... 
I am pattern writing this morning and yes it it work. And that is what makes what I do a job. 


Friday, August 28, 2015

 Considerations ................
I keep thinking I need to get back to my blogging. 
But every time I come in and start writing, I end up feeling like I am ranting. Not sure that is what I really want to be doing. 
But I have a hard time being chipper, chirpy and cute.  
Not  really my style.
It feels fake to me anyways. 
Whose life is truly like that?
So what is a girl to do?
There is a lot of things I feel passionate about. 
My crocheting. 
The crochet world as a whole.
Designer frustrations. 
Pattern theft.
Respect, or lack there of.
And I definitely don't want to start in on politics or religion. 
That is can of worms I will leave unopened. 
I know my beliefs and I act accordingly. 
I will leave the soap box to others. 

Oh I can post pictures. I am good with pictures. Me and my camera are good buddies, But I post my flower pictures on face book where they get enjoyed by a whole lot more people. 

Should I post what I am doing. Can't really say too much since I am a designer. Can't post pictures of pieces in progress, and how many times can you hear I spent the morning working on such and such piece, or writing up a pattern. 

But that is how my day goes. It's not glamorous, It's not earth shattering. It's a job, like so many others. Don't get me wrong. I love my designing. But most of it is just the slogging along putting one stitch in front of another. Or writing it up in as concise manner as I possibly can. 

I don't want to do how to pieces. There are a ton of them on U Tube and one more in the pot won't make that big of deal. Besides it is not where I want to put my energies, just to attract more followers.

Not that I need the followers like the blogs that rely on ads to bring in income. So you won't find free patterns here on my blog. 
Oh shut up Kathy!
That is a rant in the making. 
See I do have a problem. 
you should be charming, chatty and chipper. 
Okay who is that stranger...... I would ask.

I think I will be me and you will get my rants. 
Because truly this is my blog and it's where I can share how I feel about things. Things I care about. 
Like where  crocheting it going,  
And you will have to put up with me telling you I spent the morning in the frog pond. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

National Crochet Month Designer Blog tour..... My Day!!!!!!!

Once again the National Crochet month designer blog tour is in full swing and it is finally my turn.
Thank you Crochetville for making it happen once again. Thank you Amy and Donna for all your hard work that goes into putting this on each year.
This year they have chosen the Halos for Hope as the official charity, so if you are into charity crochet here is the link. 
To help celebrate the joy of crochet with everyone I am providing the patterns for my Poinsettia
Link Removed 3/29/14
and sunflower pincushions.
Link Removed 3/29/14
I will kept the links on my blog for a week starting on the 21st. I have now removed the links. I hope you had a chance to get them and enjoy.
Photo Courtesy of Interweave Crochet
 I do want to brag a bit as my Roslind skirt and shrug are in the Spring Interweave Crochet 2015 issue. Proud of this as it proves I am slowly making my way into designing more garments.
I am also releasing my Secret Garden doily this weekend . I am doing an introductory price
and will raise the price a dollar at the end of the week.
Website link
or in my
for an instant download.
 This one allowed me to check off one item on my bucket list. The one where I wanted to create doily worthy of the 1st place prize in that division. I cried tears of joy for that one. It really meant a lot to me since thread and doilies are my all time favorite things to create and create with.
Well enough credits, bragging and sharing.
 Here are my thoughts about crochet at this time.
This year I moved from Phoenix Arizona to Muskogee Oklahoma.
 What this brought home to me was how much environment plays in our crochet choices. 
I went from an environment that I was lucky to wear my light shawls 1-2 months out of the year to an environment that I will be really glad to crochet me more hats, scarves and gloves this next year.
It really did get me thinking about the things that influence our choices in what comes off of our hooks.
In our homes for example a cook might be more inclined to crochet hot pads, dishcloths, place mats and cookware totes.
Someone like me who collects antiques might want to crochet more doilies, tablecloths and the like to accent and protect my treasures.
Or maybe you are more contemporary and pillows, rugs and throws to accent your furniture.
A busy parent might crochet toys for their children or clothes for them. Or maybe some great crochet beanbag chairs. Not to forget those whom have become grandparents may well choose the same sort of item.
Where it is hot most of the year one does not feel very inclined to make sweaters, heavy shawls, warm hats, gloves and warm scarves. No, you are more inclined to make light lacey shawls, Airy sun hats, and scarves that are more air the thread. The lighter the better. Not only does it influence the type of items you crochet, But the colors and the type of yarn you might use. When the sun beats down on you head you don’t want dark colors. But light colors. White, soft baby blue, yellow, and creams all are more what you would be inclined to use in this type of enviroment. Laceweight, sock yarn and thread would be more appropriate to this type of work and the big bulky yarn wouldn’t hold the same appeal to you in this sort of climate. Cotton and silk would seem a better choice over wool too.
Where the winters are decidedly cold and you have transitional months all those things would not have nearly the charm. Instead sweaters, vests, warm shawls, gloves, mitten, and fingerless mitts would hold more charm. Not to mention cowls and scarves. Things that can be layered on as needed and still be fashionable would appeal more to you. Darker colors that absorb the heat from the sun would be seen more often. The fibers would have more bulk and most likely have more wool content than in the warmer climate.  
So as my environment has changed I know what will call to me to make will change a bit also. I will be curious to see how this changes the things I design. Maybe, just maybe I may even design a cowl someday. Okay, don’t hold your breath on that one.
Regardless though of who you are and were you live as long as there is something on you hook that brings you pleasure and satisfaction it is all good.
I can not imagine a world where crochet isn’t needed or wanted. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey we moved.

 I know, it's been forever since I wrote on my blog. That is because a lot has been happening in my life.
I no longer live in Arizona
We sold our house and moved.
Where you ask.... Why Muskogee Oklahoma.
Why you ask....... Because.
actually for a lot of reasons.
Decent climate. Not too hot.... Not too cold.
Oh I know they get both. But not to extremes and not forever and a day.
It's green and my soul was crying for green growing things.
Nice people. We visited the area last summer and everyone was very friendly. So far everyone has been wonderful since we moved. Not so small town that we feel like outsiders, but not such a large city that we feel like we are just another one of the masses. Nice balance.
Easy access to lakes and hiking. Lots of subject matter for my camera later this year. Once we get the house just the way we want it.
Green Leaf state park
I am almost as close to a major airport as I was in Phoenix, But the drive is now lovely.
The sky changes more often. I love looking at clouds and their play across the sky.  The day after day of blue in Phoenix actually was hard on me at times.
The house the day of inspection
We have found a wonderful house for us. We actually upsized. Which gives us the family room and a room for each of us to have our own project room. Marv is thinking about trains. he tried it years before, but with no space large enough to set up a nice layout he set it aside. Now he can.
family room before transformation
You know what my room will be for. Thread, yarn, craft and more thread. Oh and my beads, sewing and what ever else my fingers want to play with.
Pip has his own fenced yard that he can go out and just wander in anytime he wants. He loves to sit on the brick wall around the patio and watch the squirrel in the trees. Should be interesting this summer. And I will have room for a garden. Already starting to map it out.
Garden layout
The cats now have their own little fenced yard they have access to from my craft rm. So they can sit in the sun and be cats while being safe.
My hook seems happy here and I am full of ideas and have done some nice work so far.
Hopefully once we get the house the way we want these beauties will be put to use.
Though my hook is definitely not idol.
What a wonderful new world for us.