Wednesday, July 31, 2013

old skill becomes new skill

I haven't knitted in years and years.
But recently a friend wanted to learn to knit with needles after teaching herself to knook.
Hi Susan
Well I dusted off my knitting needles and helped her to learn the basics while traveling to and from the CGOA Convention.
Unfortunately for her my skills were very, very rusty.
But lucky for her we shared out seats on the way home with Nancy Nehring and she filled in the gaps for Susan that I hadn't remembered.
But once the needles were dusted off I decided I needed a brush up on my skills and decided to play around with it a bit.
Besides it doesn't hurt to be bi-stitchual
Been playing with lace knitting as that's what would pull me back into knitting if anything.
This is what I am playing with at the moment.
Far from perfect, but I am having fun with it.
Pick it up when I need a break and do a few rows.
With time my tension will get better.
I am working steadily on a project for the CGOA design contest.
This one has been a real challenge for me. But that is what I love about the contest. It makes me grow with my skills and ideas.  The challenge to out do myself from previous entries.
Can't post pictures so I will post a few from out last outing the weekend before I left for convention.
Marv and Pip on the ridge on our last trip.
The weather was stormy and I caught this Sunflower in the wind.
I love how this one turned out.
Tree silhouetted  against the stormy sky.
And another thistle posed for me.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Marv encourages me to go to the CGOA crochet conventions
 so I can make the right connections.
I won't say I don't make good contacts there.
I do.
But you want the truth.
I go for the memories.
I walk away from each and everyone of these events with a million memories of great discussions, wonderful times of sharing, and a wealth of new friends.
That is my prime motivation.
From the moment I hit the airport this time my trip was special, as I got to travel with a dear crochet friend of my Susan Lowman.
I have never had a flight pass a quickly or as easily.
We talked and talked and talked.
Upon arrival it didn't stop. I won't go into everything that happened it would take too long to write about it all. Just suffice to say it was all wonderful and I am so looking forward to the next one.
So if you can swing it I recommend  going to at least one of these events.
If you should make it and I am there do not hesitate to walk up and introduce yourself. I love making new friends in my crochet circle. Each and everyone adds a special element to the circle that is makes up my crochet friends. It's always growing and changing with each event.
A motif of Joy.
Michele Maks focused on Professional development day.
She launched Mainly Crochet at this event.

Pam was in my buddy group at my first convention. We have been good friends ever since.

Susanna, My roomie and good friend with Sue the afghan queen.
Check out her afghans on Mainly Crochet.
Poor Jenny is probably wondering what she did to deserve me.
But I make a point of getting a hug from her everyday at these events.
She is a joy and bright spot in the crochet world.
I think she deserves a hug!

Susan my travel partner
Concentrating on learning a new skill
Knitting with 2 needles.

And Margaret Hubert.
You won't find a nicer person anywhere.
I feel blessed to know her.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foot prints

While at convention I talked to many people about many things. Okay I was a real chatterbox while there. But my brain was whirling with ideas and thoughts too.
One question that came up in a conversation was,
why do we do what we do?
That got my little brain cells a turning.
I changed the question to, 
Why do I do what I do?
What is my motivation?
For me it is to leave a foot print behind that might truly last.
We all make foot prints in time everyday. But our normal activities are foot prints in the sand. They disappear easily with a gentle rain or a light breeze.
They are still important and valid, just not lasting.
So when I design and publish I am trying to create
 foot prints in stone.
 More lasting.
Fifty years from now, when I am long gone, I would like to think someone will pick up one of my patterns. Admire my work and maybe just maybe, wonder what it would be like to have met me.
I know there are some designers in my collection of antique patterns I would dearly loved to have sat down to lunch with and had a gab fest about our passion.
I want to touch someone like that.
Just like the person who chipped a picture on a rock long ago, I want to be remembered, wondered about, and maybe get my ideas across not just distance, but across time.
So yes it is nice to make money at what I do. It allows me to continue creating my art.
But the true reason I am creating my designs is for the joy.
The true reason I bother with the hassles of being published is I want to reach out and be remembered.
I want my foot prints to be etched in stone.
At least one or two.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Morning After

The morning after the end of a conference is a bittersweet time. You are glad to be home with your loved ones and sleeping in your own bed. But you are also wishing the sharing and camaraderie  with others who share your same passion could have gone on and on.
I had such a good time at the CGOA crochet conference that even though it feels so good to be curled up in my work space with all my things around me, I am definitely missing the companionship of all my fellow crocheters. Discussing, Sharing, Inspiring each other. Those things are so empowering. 
Today will be spent organizing my thoughts and ideas. Getting ready to meet the new challenges and
opportunities the show has brought me.
I wish I could list the name of all the wonderful people that made the conference so memorable and enjoyable. But I do need to get something done today. That list would be incredibly long.
I have already added two more great new ideas to the OH MY! I wish I had more time or 2 more hands so I can work on this and everything else I need to do list. Actually make that 3 great new ideas I just haven't added the last one to the post yet...... Do you have list like that?  I have so much on that list that I truly didn't need to add any more. But I guess it would be worse if there was nothing on my new ideas list and ran out of ideas. Don't worry I am safe on that account at this moment, my stack of sketches and ideas keeps growing and growing and growing.
I am posting a picture of one of the items I got to show off at the fashion show on Friday night.
Professional model I will never be, but it was fun.  Andee Graves and her crew did a fantastic job making us feel good about ourselves and showing off our creations. Thank you.
This is my Filet's Night Out Shrug
Back view 
It is so fun to get to share my passion for thread, my love affair with filet and the beauty of beads in this piece.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Good intentions

After stating my good intentions of posting more often, what happens but I need to take time to move to a new computer. Actually 2 new computers. It wasn't planned that way it just sort of happened.
I had promised myself a new more powerful tablet when I finished the large project that has dominated my work for over a year.
So when I mailed it off we went and found me a nice tablet that I think will last me a long time.
No sooner did we get it all set up and going strong then my primary computer started doing some really weird stuff. Marv tried several things to try and forestall it's demise. But to no avail. I was having to reboot at least 4 times a day and it was getting worse.
So off we go again to pick out a new computer.
I must admit I love what I got.
Going to be spoiled by the large touchscreen.
Windows 8 and I are getting along well so far.
I was able to get all but one of the programs I love off of my old machine.
Several that wouldn't run on Windows 7, which made me stick with my antiquated system as long as I did. So I am thrilled.
Crochet wise I have been a busy girl and finished the shrug I wanted to get done before convention mid July. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Can hardly wait to wear it.
Now I have only two things I want to finish before time to leave. Both very doable. In fact if I get off my new toy here and get busy I will have one of them done by tomorrow night.
Just wanted to share this lovely sunrise over the Superstitions I got to enjoy the other morning.
Some days it just takes my breath away
My garden cages are working and I actually have a baby eggplant to share with you.
Well actually there are now about 7 or 8 of them out there on the vine.
Hope you are ready for eggplant parmesan  my dear!
The clouds against the superstitions. A little closer view

And only because I can't resist a flower.
Isn't nature wonderful!!!