Friday, June 28, 2013

New to me

My day is always made a tad bit more cheerful when I get a box of new threads. Yesterday I had a box arrive just before we were susposed to head over to the library. Marv just shook his head and asked me to let me know when I would be through fondling my new acquisitions so we could go get new reading material. He was smiling though as he watched me. He does know me so well.
We did finally make it to the library.
Tempting, tempting, tempting :)
This is a new thread to me and I was thrilled with the colors. So nice to find some of the colors I love so much and are hard to find. As you can see some has already jumped on my hook. Now I need to figure out a place to store this new find until I can get it used up. And if it's as nice as it seems, there will be more coming my way. Don't worry there is always room for new thread, I will find someplace for it.
My last project was totally delivered today, sent off the patterns via email and the project reached them this morning so my hook is now free to do as I desire for the moment.What great feeling!
I have a couple things I want to get done before convention. Should have no problems meeting that goal.
Starting to get excited about the show. I have so much fun sharing time with fellow crocheters. Everyone seems to have a wonderful time.

The other day I looked out my window to our back patio and there was a whole flock of quail. But it wasn't just a flock, but a family of them. Rather large family with mom and dad trying to keep everyone going in the same direction. Quite the group.  The picture isn't the greatest as I took it through the window as I didn't want to disturb them. There were so many I couldn't get them all into one shot.  
Called them the Lunch crowd.
Dad is on the table overseeing the picnic
And of course I can't resist a flower picture
You know me!
Off to crochet now!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The magic

I know it has been forever since I did a blog post. I just felt like I was repeating myself too much. But after a lot of thought I decided it didn't really matter as it's really a record and sharing of how I am feeling at a given time. So Like it or not, I am back.
  Yesterday afternoon as I picked up my hook to work on a new piece I couldn't suppress the sense of wonder I get when I am creating. To me it is magic how we take a piece of string and with only a hook we create something new that didn't really exist before. When it turns out beautiful it's even better. I don't think I will ever lose this sense of awe and wonder. I have been crocheting for a very long time and it still hits me when I look at what I am doing.
  To catch up a bit I have been working very hard on some projects I can't talk about. Bummer, as I love sharing what I am doing. One of the biggest down sides of my career is just that. I can't shout out lookie at what I just did. Sigh.........
 I sent out the last one with a deadline for a while as I have plans to learn how to chart my designs this summer. And I knew I needed time to learn this new skill. So for a bit I am free to crochet what tickles my fancy at a more relaxed pace as I take the time to focus mainly on the new computer skill of charting. Wish me luck as I will need it.
 But I have 5 motifs sitting here waiting to be my guinea pig so to speak.
At the the beggining of the month I had a shawl design come out in Interweave Crochet Summer issue. Get to really brag here as it was on the cover.
check it out

Here is shot of it I took

And since I really do love roses here is one I captured on a trip here recently up into the mountains.

Well I hope to be writing a whole lot more now that I decided that life is full of repeats. Just look at how many repeats we do in our crochet and it's still beautiful and full of magic for me.