Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's my job.........

For me it's easy to create. I can whip up new designs in a heartbeat. 
My what if button goes off on a regular basis and I see new ideas every where. Makes my heart sing. 
Now writing up the pattern is not so simple. 
Actually it's hard work. 
Think about it. 
The creating is an art form. 
It flows, it grows, it changes shape while exploring possibilities. I am happiest when creating. 
 The pattern writing is a mathematical formula. 
They have to come from the same brain that wants to go fly with the designing.
I have to change my thinking from one mode to another to create that pattern you will be using. 
That is where it gets to be work. 
It doesn't help that I am dyslexic too. 
Though I believe that helps in the creative side of my work. But it is a serious obstacle when it comes to writing up a concise, correct pattern. 
The brain says one thing, the hand types another, and the eye sees what it wants to see. 
So every line, every row, every round has to be scrutinized and read, reread and reread again. Put aside for a period of time and then reread yet again.
Not just the complicated row/rounds, but all of them. 
The numbers have to add up. The phrasing has to be correct. It is an art writing a good pattern. 
This is before an tech editor ever sees it. 
Then you have to hope that they keep the correctness of the pattern as it is put into a slightly different format for whatever publication it is headed for. 
You say well write it in their format.....
Good one. 
Think about it. 
Each and every publication has their own format. 
It's hard enough writing it all up with out confusing the poor brain trying to write it in someone else's format. I would definitely be pulling out my hair then. Trying to remember how they want things done while trying to get it to make sense would make it even harder to write. Especially since I don't think like some of the publications want things written. I find some pattern writing styles not to be user friendly though that is their intent.
 ( but that is another subject)  
So I sit here trying to keep my brain from shutting down.
 Slapping my fingers from drifting off to work on a much more fun thing like designing... 
I am pattern writing this morning and yes it it work. And that is what makes what I do a job.