Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The magic

I know it has been forever since I did a blog post. I just felt like I was repeating myself too much. But after a lot of thought I decided it didn't really matter as it's really a record and sharing of how I am feeling at a given time. So Like it or not, I am back.
  Yesterday afternoon as I picked up my hook to work on a new piece I couldn't suppress the sense of wonder I get when I am creating. To me it is magic how we take a piece of string and with only a hook we create something new that didn't really exist before. When it turns out beautiful it's even better. I don't think I will ever lose this sense of awe and wonder. I have been crocheting for a very long time and it still hits me when I look at what I am doing.
  To catch up a bit I have been working very hard on some projects I can't talk about. Bummer, as I love sharing what I am doing. One of the biggest down sides of my career is just that. I can't shout out lookie at what I just did. Sigh.........
 I sent out the last one with a deadline for a while as I have plans to learn how to chart my designs this summer. And I knew I needed time to learn this new skill. So for a bit I am free to crochet what tickles my fancy at a more relaxed pace as I take the time to focus mainly on the new computer skill of charting. Wish me luck as I will need it.
 But I have 5 motifs sitting here waiting to be my guinea pig so to speak.
At the the beggining of the month I had a shawl design come out in Interweave Crochet Summer issue. Get to really brag here as it was on the cover.
check it out

Here is shot of it I took

And since I really do love roses here is one I captured on a trip here recently up into the mountains.

Well I hope to be writing a whole lot more now that I decided that life is full of repeats. Just look at how many repeats we do in our crochet and it's still beautiful and full of magic for me.

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  1. Glad you are posting again. I am doing a quieter blog season this summer - kind of for the same reasons - I feel like I am just repeating myself a lot. It has been five years of blogging very regularly, so it is natural to kind of stall out after a while. I figured just easing back on the gas pedal was probably a better answer than just stopping for a while.