Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey we moved.

 I know, it's been forever since I wrote on my blog. That is because a lot has been happening in my life.
I no longer live in Arizona
We sold our house and moved.
Where you ask.... Why Muskogee Oklahoma.
Why you ask....... Because.
actually for a lot of reasons.
Decent climate. Not too hot.... Not too cold.
Oh I know they get both. But not to extremes and not forever and a day.
It's green and my soul was crying for green growing things.
Nice people. We visited the area last summer and everyone was very friendly. So far everyone has been wonderful since we moved. Not so small town that we feel like outsiders, but not such a large city that we feel like we are just another one of the masses. Nice balance.
Easy access to lakes and hiking. Lots of subject matter for my camera later this year. Once we get the house just the way we want it.
Green Leaf state park
I am almost as close to a major airport as I was in Phoenix, But the drive is now lovely.
The sky changes more often. I love looking at clouds and their play across the sky.  The day after day of blue in Phoenix actually was hard on me at times.
The house the day of inspection
We have found a wonderful house for us. We actually upsized. Which gives us the family room and a room for each of us to have our own project room. Marv is thinking about trains. he tried it years before, but with no space large enough to set up a nice layout he set it aside. Now he can.
family room before transformation
You know what my room will be for. Thread, yarn, craft and more thread. Oh and my beads, sewing and what ever else my fingers want to play with.
Pip has his own fenced yard that he can go out and just wander in anytime he wants. He loves to sit on the brick wall around the patio and watch the squirrel in the trees. Should be interesting this summer. And I will have room for a garden. Already starting to map it out.
Garden layout
The cats now have their own little fenced yard they have access to from my craft rm. So they can sit in the sun and be cats while being safe.
My hook seems happy here and I am full of ideas and have done some nice work so far.
Hopefully once we get the house the way we want these beauties will be put to use.
Though my hook is definitely not idol.
What a wonderful new world for us.


  1. Hope you enjoy Oklahoma. I spent summers there at my gr-grandmother's house. The people are really friendly and nice. Beware of chiggers when hiking though. (They come out in June or July here in Kansas) Congratulations on your new move.

  2. Congratulations on your new home! You are a little closer!

  3. We drove through there a few years back..and yes it is a wonderful area. Good to see you posting.

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