Friday, April 5, 2013

Catching up with myself

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”
Virginia Woolf
The last few weeks have been just crazy. Seems like there was something demanding my attention constantly.
The saga of the vehicle is finally over and we have a new to us truck. We had bought one but it couldn't pass smog and that's a must down here. So we had to start over. But Marv is happy and we actually ended up with a newer vehicle with less miles and a couple years left on the warranty. 
But all that took time. Searching is never easy. We did manage to keep our sense of humor about the whole thing.
I have been working steadily to get a couple deadlines out. Managed to get everything done in a timely manner. Feels good to have a little less stress at the moment. Though I did agree to a new project. But since it's a thread project and I can play a bit with it. I couldn't resist. My soft spot is thread crochet. 
One thing we did finish up last night were our taxes. They had been waiting on me to finish my prep work. Hate that part of it every year.
I am an designer not a bookkeeper. So my records aren't the greatest. But it is finally done and we don't have to pay. Yeah!
I was impressed as this was my best year yet.
Feel like I might make it as a designer yet.
I did get to see one my design come out this week. Rather proud how this one turned out.
So go check it out. It is a free pattern from Redheart.
Here is another picture of it. Looks better on a real person but I don't have a model handy and I hate to have my picture taken these days.
The wrinkles and sags are too depressing.

We did go for a hike Easter Sunday.
The flowers were fabulous.
Me and my camera were going nuts. Will have more pictures later.

Though these came from my own back yard. I do try and remember to look around me everyday and appreciate what I do have.

These are one of my favorite wild flowers, They are a member of the Mallow family and they are so striking this year.

And one more shot of the flowers from my back yard. These are actually a wild flower and might be considered a weed. But I love the blossoms and anything that blooms to me is a friend.

Well I need to go let my hook out to play.
Which translates to I have work to do.

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