Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I can't say I have ever taken a vacation just for the fun of it. Normally we go see family, or such. Oh we do the occasional weekend. But 5 days of being treated to good food, wonderful scenery and great conversations made my trip to Maine exceptional.
Michele Maks of Mainly Crochet invited me to come stitch by the sea after convention. Promised me a lobster dinner. Now who in their right mind could say NO to that.
It was wonderful. I got to wiggle my toes in the Atlantic ocean, Eat ice cream while watching sail boats come and go in Camden Harbor, see the awesome view from Camden Hill, walk the Giants steps, eat more ice cream in a flower garden, wander a secluded cove.
Then there was the fabulous food. If Michele ever decided to quit the crochet world. she would make an awesome chef. We had our lobster as promised and I can now say I have ravaged a whole lobster on my own. Then there was crochet talk, photo shoots, picture taking and my hook was happily creating when ever I got the chance.
Loved all the beautiful green.
and would love to visit Maine again.
Of course Michele's dog Mika made a point to make sure I wasn't too dog deprived without Pippie.






  1. We are missing the BEST GUEST EVAH! You are welcome back whenevah!

    1. I may take you up on that one day. I had a Fabulous time and love Maine