Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some days

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
Albert Einstein
I decided that yesterday had to be my Aprils Fools day.
I don't like to complain,but when someone asks me for a pattern for free because they don't want to buy the book.  I have to shake my head. Especially when the pattern is a book published by Annie's Attic. Not an out of print book mind you. But a book that is out there right now. I would like to think I am a nice person. But I do draw the line.
For one thing it would be illegal for me to do this since I no longer own the copyrights to the pattern.
Second even if I could I wouldn't give away a pattern out of a book to anyone. It wouldn't be fair to anyone who had purchased said book.
This wasn't the only issue of the day, But it was the topper.
Of course I politely informed them that they would have to take this up with Annie's Attic. It's their call not mine.
Some days though it is so hard to maintain patience.
Thankfully everything else in my day went well.
Flower bed is looking good that I put in. No drooping plants and nothing got eaten overnight. All good signs.
Today I am spending the day pattern writing and crocheting. Writing the pattern as I go definitely slows me down. But so much easier in the long run.
I am posting pictures of the hike on the 23rd of March.
We hiked down to Boulder Canyon that day.
One thing about this hike is the spectacular views

The canyons and mountains can definitely make a soul feel humble

A view of the Superstitions
This it the backside of what we see everyday from our yard.

More of the mountains.

There wasn't much water in the canyon but there was some.

Who says we don't have forests. Just forest of Saguaros instead of pines.

It got rather hot that day so I wet down a scarf and let Pip wear it to help keep him comfortable. Everytime we found water I would soak the little guy down. He wasn't too thrilled with that but it did help.
He may not get to do to much more hiking until fall if it keeps getting hotter.


  1. My opinion is that Pip should have every thing he wants for free. And the rest can go hang by their , well, hangers. That's MHO!

  2. Oh Pip does get everything he wants for free. He is slightly spoiled.
    I agree about the rest. I just can't believe anyone would have the hangers to even ask such a question.