Friday, April 27, 2012

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are”
Kurt Cobain
Again I have been remiss in my posting this week. What can I say except my life has been full and my time limited. 
My crochet hook is to blame for the most part. When I really get into a project I don't think about too much else. That is when things slip right by me.
I am working on a new design right now for a skirt. I don't do clothing often but I want something nice to wear to convention this year. I am writing up the pattern as I go in case it turns out really nice.
I did have to begin it several times to get the look and feel I wanted. But I am now pretty happy with how it is going.
I recieved my copy of the Crochet World magazine yesterday. So I took a picture of the doily and the magazine together. This is one I will be framing. Both the magazine and the doily. Okay can you tell I am rather proud of this.
I had to try and get a shot of this gorgeous sunset the other night. Love it when the sky is intersting and not just blue. Clouds to me are always something I enjoy looking at. They are so varied and can make something dull so beautiful
Marv took me up to the mountains this weekend for our hike. Up into real trees. I loved it immensely. I can hardly wait until we go up there again. I still have to finish editing all the pictures we took but I have a few I can share with you.
This one was taken on the way out. The vehicle ahead of us raised the dust and I loved how it looked through the trees. I made Marv stop so I could get a picture. 
Will remind me of what a perfect day we had.  
The afternoon sunshine on these flowers made them almost glow.
I really liked the delicate blooms. I only saw one bush with these.

One of the things going on in my life is I am getting my green house that Marv promised me for Christmas.
We picked it up on Sunday and have been getting things ready to put it up this week.
Why do I need a green house. Well if you lived up north you need protection from the cold. Well down here I need protection from the sun and heat. With a green house I can control it better.
Instead of a heater I will use a swamp color to cool it down and keep moisture in the air.
It will also help me protect my plant from all the critters that seem to live in my yard. That's what you get when you live so close to the edge of the desert.
They aren't even that afraid of us.
Mr Rabbit here was checking out my flower beds.
I have to cage everything that I want to keep or he and his buddies will dine on my beauties.


  1. I am looking for this magazine everywhere..can't seem to find it..I so want to make that doily..It is beautiful. Hopefully I will find the magazine really soon. Blessings

    1. I am also looking for this magazine as I need a few more copies for my family. I am not sure it has hit the newstands yet.

  2. Oh Kathy, I know how easy it is to get behind in posting! :-) Your new doily is beautiful. I really like the color combination. And as ever, I am jealous of the wonderful hikes you take. We can take some nice walks here too but ever since I sprained my ankle last November my foot hasn't been right...

    1. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hopefully it will improve with time and you can enjoy hiking again.
      We do love the hiking. So much beauty to see.

  3. Kathy, this doily is absolutely gorgeous! When I saw the preview of this issue, I could hardly wait until my digital issue became available online in order to download and print out this pattern!! I'm working on one of Ann White's patterns right now, but this one will be on my hooks before long! Love the pics of your sunsets and the hikes that you and your hubby take! Awesome photos!

  4. BTW, it's hard to believe that this is the first time one of your creations has been on the cover of Crochet World!!!

  5. The doily is beyond beautiful...and I am going to have to make it!

    Your pictures are awesome. You have an artists eye, you always seem to take the perfect picture.

    Love the bunnies...I know, they eat everything in sight, but they are so gosh darn cute...I buy the one that lives in my back yard carrots...yeah, he's kind of spoiled, but he's super cute.

    Wishing you a day filled with many blessings and time to create more lovely designs, too. :)