Friday, March 29, 2013

Post blog tour recap

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”
George Lucas
Yesterday was phenomenal. I thank each and everyone who came and visited me on this blog. I hope you enjoyed the post and the pattern.
The only problem I had was trimming down what I wanted to say. It was so hard choosing what to put on that one page.
There were so many aspect of crocheting I could have talked about. So many pictures I wanted to share. So many people I wanted to acknowledge. But it would have been a book so I had to choose. Not an easy task.
I thought about raving about thread crochet. Anyone who knows me knows it's my passion. I love the finer threads and the pieces you can create with it.
My Wreath of Roses Doily

I thought about raving about Irish Crochet. again one of my favorite forms of crochet. It influences my work and ideas immensely.
 My Irish Crochet Collar done in size 80 thread
I thought about writing about my creative process. I may do that one next year. 
I thought about writing about what I am seeing in the crochet world these days. 
I thought about posting about my accomplishments. But decided it was a day about crochet and not me.  
I thought about writing about my collection of antique crochet patterns and hooks.
I thought about acknowledging all the great people that have been so supportive of my endeavors. This one I decided that there was no way I could list everyone without accidentally forgetting someone and making them feel less than they are. So I chose not to go that route. You all know who you are and you reside in my heart as special souls I am honored to have known or know. 
I don't have a picture of a hug to put here or I would........... 
So as you can see all those posts everyone has written just didn't happen. They had to put a lot of time and thought into what they wanted to present. I think everyone did a great job.
Tomorrow I will go back to writing about my daily life with crochet updates, hiking pictures and whatever strikes my fancy. But today needed to be a recap of yesterdays wonderful experience.

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