Monday, November 18, 2013

Warning a rant: It gets confusing sometimes: Frustrating at other times.

Bit of a Rant here:
I keep reading about how people interrupt copyright. Scary in and of itself. Because of this I have found myself very leery about self publishing anything for some time. I have 3 patterns that I should be putting on my website right now and they sit, as I am scared of how things are going these days.
The gist of how I interrupt the copy right laws is:
I created the pattern from my imagination. I wrote the pattern in my words. I used my own photos in the pattern. I then own that pattern to sell, give away, or anything else I want to do with it.
Others should not be able to profit from my work unless I sell or lease them the right to.
Then I have to honor that agreement.
Seems so simple doesn’t it.
But it is not how everyone interprets it.
I won’t argue Copyright laws. I am not an expert. But if I can’t protect my work, why should I bother.
One of the things I find confusing is we all encouraged to write our patterns in a certain style. There are many people that teach pattern writing and they have very set rules you are supposed to follow. If we do our patterns this way after awhile we would lose our own style. Well folks one of the criteria of copyrights is the pattern should be written in your own words. Which if we all write our patterns the same way we would not have any individual copyrights for say a granny square. They would all read the same. You can’t have it both ways.
I firmly believe we all have to have our own style of pattern writing to help keep copyrights protected as I definitely write my patterns different from other people I know.
The key to any good pattern writing is does it make sense. Can the piece be duplicated from the instructions given for said piece. Yes there are some basic guidelines. Abbreviations should mean the same for all.
I write my patterns as I think my patterns.
I find writing a pattern in other formats difficult as it's not how I think when I crochet.
It's kind of like writing a note in French when you think, write and speak English.
 I can be done, but it is harder to do as you have to translate as you go.
I thought I wanted to do my patterns as charts so I could be more international. I even have the program to use to learn to do this. But I am almost thankful I haven’t had the time to actually learn to do this.
Why, you ask.
 Well I keep seeing charts pop up in my Face Book news feed. It is so easy to post a picture of a chart with no other instructions. And your pattern is out there for all to see. You don’t see too many patterns posted, but lots and lots of charts.
So I don’t think I want to make it easier for someone to steal and share my patterns.
See it’s like this folks,
I can’t afford to spend 12 -16 hours each day working on creating designs and translating them into a pattern that others can follow without compensation. If I can’t make anything off my patterns, I need to go back to Home Depot or someplace like that pays me a wage. That would put designing on a much lower level in my life.
 The number of designs I would be able to create would drop dramatically.
So as you think about sharing a pattern with your friends, on the internet, or anyplace else, Stop and think about how you are biting the hand that feeds your addiction.
Not just self published patterns.
But books and booklets.
Designers get royalties from the sale of the books.
I keep hearing support small businesses.
Well support your hard working designers too friends.
We do work hard for your pleasure.
On a lighter note
We finally got to go hiking yesterday.
Been too crazy for almost 2 months to get to enjoy our favorite past time together.
Here a few pictures from our hike.
Butterflies were everywhere.
 But this was the only one that held still long enough to get a decent shot.
This plants flower looks likes feathers to me.
So light and airy.
The flowers in bloom right now are so small. This one is about the size of a dime.
The four peaks in shadow.
Marv and Pip were definitely having a great time.
I love this shot.
 Pip enjoying the pools we found.
But you see Pip, his refection and his shadow all in the same shot.


  1. I had one comment on my blog about a fantastic pattern I found and was spreading the word so more people would buy the pattern. Someone posted why didn't I just design it myself. They didn't get the principal. If I have funds I buy a pattern I love. I am a designer and try and design as many unique things as possible. If someone just copies it that's hours of work wasted. My aim in life is to get the craft world to support itself and spread it the word outwards.

  2. No, they definitely didn't understand did they. For one thing it wouldn't be your design. But an interpretation of another's vision. Where's the fun in that. I love the challenge of creation above all else. It is why I am here. I also support the craft industry, Crochet in particular.

  3. I love to crochet especially thread crochet. I sell my finished works online, and through local shops. I use patterns from designers such as yourself to make this creations. I cannot design..I have tried..but it seems that there is always someone who asks for a copy of the I do not not give your patterns away or any other designers patterns away. I tell them where they can find the book or the pattern..and if it is online I direct them to the designer or a web site where the book can be published. I need people like you who can see something in their head and can make the design work..I go on rants from time to time on my blog about copyright violations and copied patterns...I am also a paid tester for some publishers and designers so yeah I totally get you.

  4. Good for you Vikki, I wish all people were as honest as you.