Monday, December 9, 2013

Letting go.

There has been a lot going on in my life the past couple months. So unfortunately my blog posts have suffered.
See I hate to whine.
And the things in my life have been things I want to whine about.
So I kept quiet.
The major thing has been my cat Elsie.
She broke her leg while I was in Spokane visiting my family in October.
When I got home and took her back to the vet they told me she would require surgery or it wouldn't heal. That it was a very nasty break and she might lose the leg.
Found a great vet who told me that we would try the surgery, and if it failed she would take her leg off at no extra charge. Couldn't turn down the chance to keep Elsie's leg. This vet was awesome through everything. Thank you so much for the chance you gave Elsie.
Long story, short version. After 7 weeks of watching  Elsie struggle with the cast. We came to the conclusion that it just wasn't going  to heal. So last Wednesday she became my 3/4 cat. She now has 3 legs. 
Actually it's a relief as I knew she wasn't comfortable and things weren't improving. It's so hard to watch some one you care about suffer.
Now she is in the process of healing. I am not worried about every thing she does and if it's going to aggravate the healing process.
What has totally amazed me through all this is her ability to keep loving, keep going and never whine through it all. She has a purr for me and wants to snuggle even though it's been difficult to find a comfy way to sit on my lap.
If we as people could accept what life dishes out with out complaining what a world this would be. If I ever go through a major life change like her I hope I can show the same strength of character and keep an attitude of acceptance and hope. She has been an inspiration for me.
So with this behind us now hopefully I will feel more like posting.
I need to tell you about my book that is coming out.
The one I have worked so hard on. But that will be tomorrow or the next day.
And I do apologize if this came off as a whine.
It wasn't meant to be one.
Elsie the night before becoming a 3 legged cat watching TV.


  1. A hug to you both!

  2. can't wait to hear about your book...and no you didn't sound like you were whining. Blessings

    1. As a cat lover, I empathize with you and know how your decision must have pained you. Glad that Elsie adapted so well and that she seems to be doing well. (I also love your doily designs!)

    2. Thank you Vikki and Marilyn.
      Elsie is getting better everyday. Nice to see her starting to do her normal things, She still loses her balance when turning to the right but she is learning.