Friday, April 11, 2014

Going through the change and it's not what you think.

There is never a guarantee when starting a new design that it will turn out as envisioned. I just got done reworking the chart for a design as it didn't live up to expectations. Now for the major frog that goes with this rework.
Am I crying in my chocolate!
For me it is part of the process!
Most designers understand this phenomenon. It happens all the time. I am not sure the average crocheter reading a pattern realizes how many times things get frogged and reworked when we are designing to make sure it turns out just right. Well at least for this designer it does. I am a firm believer that I should never, ever send out a pattern I am not pleased with. I would prefer not to hide my head with shame when I see a design of mine come up in a magazine or on the internet. So when you are enjoying a pattern remember that it may not have even started out looking like the finished product. It may have gone through several changes before it ended up as the design you are working.

Sometimes I have been known to start all over just because it was easier than frogging the whole darn thing. Then I can see where I want to make changes easier that way too. There are times also when I look at something I have been working on and just think to myself, well if I had just done this, the whole piece would look better and/or be easier to do. Of course it gets a rework then.  More changes.

There are days when I almost wish I could turn off my
What If Button.
Designing would be simpler if I would stick with the plan. But then there are several of my designs you would have never seen.
So I will frog whenever I think an idea can be improved upon.
I will rework until I am happy with it.
and I won't cry in my chocolate when it happens.

I only cry when I have to frog a large number of rows because I can't count, or I make a mistake.
Then it's just because I hate being so stupid as to not double check myself.
Since I have done this long enough and often enough to know better.

If I like what I have just done you will eventually get to see what I am working on. If it never improves to the point I like it. You will only know it as the rumor it is at this point.
I love when the flowers start blooming and we celebrate the changes nature shows us every day.
I do get to share a design that was just released. My Wild Rose Shawl
It is a Free pattern from Red Heart Yarns
You can find it here
Inspired by natures beauty
here is a detail shot of the shawl
and a flat shot of it.

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  1. It is VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! When I notice a small error in my project, I'm reminded that the Navaho ALWAYS place an error into the work...they remember that not even the Supreme Being makes two things alike, or perfect. That's not to say that you shouldn't do your best, try your hardest...but no one EXCEPT you will notice a small error...we are always hardest on ourselves...keep up the great work! I love your designs