Friday, April 18, 2014

Rain clouds and wishful thinking

Always hopeful
  There are clouds on our horizon, but we aren't likely to get any rain.
But I can always hope.
I would do a rain dance, but my luck some one would video it and I would find myself being silly all over U tube.
Think I will pass on that.
I will just keep hoping that the we get a bit of rain.
I am taking advantage of a nice cool day around here and finishing up a few things. Actually worked outside for a bit. Won't be much longer and that will be almost impossible to do comfortably. The heat will be here soon. Then curling up with my hook will be the best option for a hot day.
My desk was cleared for action last night.
Which is my signal that I have finished a project.
 All the components, notes and charts are carefully put away until I am sure the pattern is written to my satisfaction. Have learned it's so much easier when I remember to keep things together and don't have to chase down a elusive note. Putting each project on it's own clip board has been a big help for me. Now when I am done I slide all the notes, ball wrappers, and anything else pertinent to the project into a page protector and file it away.
I now have over 15 clip boards though, each with a project waiting to be done.
Not to mention those on the bulletin board  and my letter nail.
Someday I will catch up with myself.
We can only hope.
Monday I will take the time to sort through and prioritize them.
Shift things around, and move some forward, also add some to clip boards that what been on the letter nail or the bulletin board.
Think it's time to add a few quick projects. I have been working on larger ones here for a while.
Feeling the need of the thrill of accomplishment.
Got that rush last night and it's addictive.
Red Heart released another one of my design last week.  
Which is also one of those WOW moments.
I don't think I will ever get over the thrill of seeing one of my designs published
The Rosalinda Necklace
It's a free pattern so go enjoy
My pictures of the finished necklace
One more shot
Now  a few flower shots.
You know I can't resist a pretty flower.
Love my globe mallows  
My Alstroemeria is blooming
Came across some pink globe mallow.
Mr spider snuck into my shot.
I did get up and saw the Blood moon this week.
Unfortunately I couldn't get a good shot of it.
But did get a nice shot of the moon before.

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