Friday, April 4, 2014

Just don't hold your breath

After doing my post for the Blog tour I decided I really need to write on my blog more often. This from the woman who can't remember to take her vitamins everyday. I am just lucky I don't have any medication I must take on a regular basis. Though I would like to think that if I really needed to take something I would remember it.
That being said, I am going to try and do the once a week post. Maybe I will have Marv set up a reminder on my Kirby alarm. The more bells and whistles reminding me the better.
I think it has something to do with the creative mind, that routine things are difficult for us to remember and do. I have yet to meet a truly creative  person who was neat and truly organized. There might be one or two out there like that. Just like I am sure there is a Lochness  monster and Big foot is hiding in the woods. Wonderful to imagine, but I am not likely to ever see or meet one.
So I have been working on a few designs for the CGOA Design contest. I enter this contest to challenge myself. To see if I can come up with new and unique ideas each year. It is that creative challenge that keeps me going.
I don't think I would do well just cranking out the same sort of things all the time.  I really do love trying to imagine different ways to combine stitches, threads, beads, techniques to create something that makes someone say WOW!.
I blame Marv for creating that addiction. I remember laying out my first filet shawl on the back of the couch to see how it was coming along. When he walked into the room and went WOW! I was hooked on trying to recreate that moment. I have let Marv off the hook, he doesn't have to say that about everything I do. I just try and make others give me that response.
By the way that shawl was the first piece I ever sold as a design. It's in the CGOA pattern line.
Hopefully I have made a few people go WOW! since then, and it is my intention and desire to make a few more WOWs!! in my designing career.
I love when ideas take wing
come together
Buds out and
inspire more ideas
and more ideas
that keeps my hook flowing then
Culminate in beauty

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  1. I'm going to show your blog to my husband...just so he knows that I'm not the only creative person in the world who fights daily to obtain a WEE BIT of organization and neatness...the world could come to an end...and I wouldn't know it until I needed more thread!! Keep making beautiful are earning ME more WOWS than I really deserve...thanks for making me look so good!