Friday, May 9, 2014

In spite of it all.

In spite of.....
The last three weeks have been rough for me.
Lost my aunt Clarice, whom I totally admired, respected and loved.
When  I got home from her memorial I found Marv suffering with a nasty bug. He's still suffering, but he invited me to join him. Isn't he kind and generous?
But in spite of all that I have continued to work.
Finished one design last week. Though I think it will look nicer in thread. So that's on my list to redo.
At least the pattern is written. I intend to self publish this design when I am totally happy with it.
I almost have a doily complete. Though I had to walk away for a couple days from it as I definitely was not thinking straight. I  have  most of the pattern written up, and good notes for the rest so far. Hoping to finish it early next week. I know better than to think it will get done this weekend. Too many other things seem to happen on weekends. All to the good, but not conducive to the type of thinking I need to do for this design.
Like most of my doily designs it has morphed from the original sketch.
For the better I would like to think
Will have to wait and see when it's done.
Doesn't mean my hook won't be working. There is always a project that needs my attention.  
While working on this doily I found 4 flower motifs that I hadn't written up, so had to stop and rectify that situation, and as I progressed I found another one. It's pinned on my bulletin board so I don't forget it again.
So hard to stay totally on top of things. Though the clip board helps for my projects, it doesn't help for my snippets, swatches, or trials that I do when an idea strikes me.   

The upside this week is another one of my designs was released at Mainly Crochet. They have lots of my designs now, and I am working on more for them all the time. So go check them out.
Here are a few photos she sent me of the Irish Rose Pillow. These pictures are Don Patty photos.

And of course a post would not be complete without a flower shot.
This is looking straight down at the top of a Lupine bloom.
I like to try and see things from a different angle when I can.

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