Monday, May 19, 2014

Secret Identity

Time: 3:14am
With my head pounding from the crud that will not let go and an idea that is just as tenacious. I decide I might as well get up and try and relieve both problems.
So after doing my Canadian goose imitation, I grab my clip board, pencil, and a throat drop, I head out on the back porch and the cool night air. Sitting comfortably for the moment, I start my sketch of the motif that was keeping me awake.
 I had it almost complete when I realized
I wasn't alone....................
..............scurrying across the floor was a mouse.
Apparently in a moment of relived youth one of the cats brought it in. Of course enthusiasm  probably waned quickly and they let it go.
So it's just me and the mouse. I quietly closed the door. The mouse wasn't going to get into my home.... No Siree!   
Armed with nothing but a clip board I start my attack.
Dodging first right,
then left,
 then right again,
Deftly switching my clip board from one hand to the other.
left then
right again,
the battle goes on.
 I finally prevail,
 and the mouse scoots out the door I had opened for him.
He turns around and slams back into the door I had just shut.
( not my fault he's not very smart, he did get up and run away )
So all ends well,
I feel like a super hero.
Preserving my home, protecting the innocent,
and being kind to dumb animals all at one time.
I look down and laugh
I do have my super hero suit on.
No spandex or leotards here, But
The one I wear all the time.
I am NAKED.....
See we all wear the same super hero suit.
We can all be heroes
In small ways,
Without being on U tube.
 ( Believe me I definitely don't want my little episode to go viral on the net.  This is not a young svelte body I am flashing here, but a woman nearing 60. Nor can my neighbors, or passing strangers can see onto my porch My super hero identity is safe )
Like Clark Kent though I hide my suit everyday under layers of clothing
So do you...
But under it all we are all heroes!
In small ways.
Let's celebrate our unique ability to be a hero everyday.
In small ways.
3:30 am
Sketch done,
snuggled back in bead, Bilbo asleep on my pillow, Elsie asleep in the crook of my arm. Marv snoozing peacefully beside me, and Pippie at our feet.
All is well.
My secret identity is safe..............
Until next time!


  1. I needed to read this,Thank You for reminding me. I have a privacy fence and have been known on those hot southern nights to visit my porch and in my super hero suit and watch the world be peaceful. Your mask(?) is so pretty, you have such wonderful magic powers in your hands... Have a lovely day.