Friday, May 16, 2014

Into every life.............

Funny how disaster can also be a catalyst.
Yesterday afternoon I had a horrible moment when my tablet hit the tile floor in the kitchen. Tablet 0, Floor 1..... After the tears dried up, I was still a bit shaken to say the least. It's never a good time to have that sort of expense pop out of the clear blue. But I finally put things in proper perspective.
It wasn't the end of the world.
Just the tablet.
It could be replaced.
And we did replace it last night as I truly do need it. It keeps me mobile and in touch anywhere we go. Plus I can work on it unlike my smart phone.
Since my brain was whirling and twirling, I decided discretion was the better part of valor and put up my doily design I am working on. Figured anything I did yesterday would have to be redone. So why add to my frustration level. None of my projects that demand my focus was going to be a good idea.
So I found the thread I want to use for the Mariah Shawl. Chose my hook, and started crocheting.
Well of course I can't leave anything alone and within a half hour I was going OOOOH! What If...
So, ripppp....  and away I go in a slightly different direction. So much happier with it so far.
But now it's no longer the Mariah Shawl. I have decided to rename this version  Maria..... Because now the design is signing to me.

So out of disaster come success. You just never know what is going to set things in motion.
You will have to wait until I am done to see the Maria Shawl
Mariah Shawl in Paton's Lace
Like but not love
Thought of blaming all this on the full moon.
But lets be honest. I am a bit of a KLUTZ
I put in some Oleander this year. My first blooms in the evening light
I will be glad when May is over though It's been a rough month so far.


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