Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Well I have been home a few days now and my mind and body are beginning to slide back into my normal routines.
Not that anything is normal these days, but more on that in another post.
I had a grand time at convention. Enjoying what I like best about the whole thing. Talking, sharing and rubbing elbows with fellow crochet addicts.
I was very pleased with how I did in the design contest.
I finally took a 1st place in the Thread division. So I get to cross an item off my bucket list.
My skirt took a 2nd in the Fashion Division which of course thrilled me.
My Riviera Shawlette got an honorable mention. But when I posted it to my CrochetNBeads page on facebook it took off like a house on fire. over 24,500 looks, That was just mind blowing.
So the reactions to all my pieces have left me with a warm glow.
To be honest I was a little disappointed with the banquet. Being the 20th anniversary. I expected a celebration program. There wasn't much to be honest. Just a short program and the fashion show, Which felt a little rushed this year. I hated the half hour standing in the hall waiting to get in once they opened the door. It would have been much nicer to have set my things down at my table then wandered and visited. As was we just moved the line in a bit closer and we paid for that privilege.
I took 2 classes. One with Mary Beth Temple on Independent pattern publication to see if she had some ideas I hadn't thought of. She did and I will have to give some thought on how to incorporate them into my business.
The second was my fun class. Free Form with Margaret Hubert. She is such a dear and it was so fun to take her class. I made me a little needle case instead of the bag as I know me and a purse would sit in a drawer. The needle case will go in my work bag and I will think of the fun I had creating it every time I use it. 
Next year will be San Diego. Which was a surprise as it was my understanding the west coast just doesn't draw enough people. There will also most likely not be a design contest either. Oh well the ideas that are brewing for it will have a little more time to mature this time.
Then I had the fun and privilege of heading to Maine with Michele Maks for 5 days. I will share that experience tomorrow.  Lets just say my camera got a work out. Loved the green......


  1. I love the doily..hoping it will be published? Congrats on the first place in the thread division...love the shawl...it is beautiful. I just finished up three of your runner patterns..had to make some adjustments on a couple of them as I made them with a smaller thread. Your designs are beautiful.

  2. your riviera shawlette, is there going to be a pattern? I would dearly love to make this. It is beautiful.

  3. Will you be publishing a pattern for your Riviera Shawlette? It is GORGEOUS!

  4. Will you be publishing a pattern for your Riviera Shawlette? It is GORGEOUS!