Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Continuing to behave myself

This last weekend I did my semi annual trip up to see my mother. Great thing is I get to see all my sisters at the same time. In fact my youngest sister and I always plan this trip together. She lives in the Puget sound still and I am in Arizona now. We started doing this though when we both lived up there and it has become tradition. So now it's a little more complicated but we make it work and get our time together in also. The last few times my other two sisters have taken a day off that allows us a sister day too. All four of us together is pretty dangerous and if you embarrass easily don't listen to our conversations.
We lucked out this fall and had beautiful weather both for driving and flying.
So now I am ready to settle in for the winter. No real trips until after the 1st of the year.
My yarn arrived yesterday that I have been impatiently waiting for. Oooh do I feel special. I get to crochet with Alpaca. Lovely yarn. This morning I finished winding what I think I am going to need for this project and dipped my hook into it for the first time. It is pretty nice feeling yarn. Can hardly wait to see how it works up.
I also finished up another project this morning. Just have a bit of pattern writing to do on that one and it will be ready to head out the door.
This is making me feel better about the deadlines I have at the moment. I am such a worry wart about being late for things, that I why find deadlines stressful. Which is why it's so easy to let this blog slide sometimes as it has no deadline as such that demands that I pay attention to it. I need to find someway to keep my self motivated on it. I do like writing it. It helps me keep things in perspective.
Today I have some pictures from my Spokane trip. Mostly family but a flower or two again jumped in front of my lens too. I keep running into the flowers that have no sense of self preservation jumping in front of my camera all the time. Well maybe they do.........  For now they are preserved for all time.  I am only posting one flower though today.

Isn't this a lovely rose. I took this at the grave yard my father rests in. It is a beautiful place.

My older sister Conni.  Enjoying the sunshine and visiting

Laura, My younger sister.  

Mom with a beautiful smile. Really like this shot of her

Both sisters and my mom. Feel bad we didn't get pictures when Nancy was with us.

This is a shot of Mount Rainer I took from the plane as I was flying out of Sea Tac Sunday afternoon.

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