Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I've been told

While visiting my family in Spokane this last weekend my sister politely informed me I really was slacking on my blog posts.
Shame on me.....

Guess I am going to have to rectify that and get back to posting.
It is so easy to get out of the habit.

I won't try and cover all the stuff I missed. You really don't want to read a book. Well maybe you do, just not here.

I have been a busy girl since Reno and my hook hasn't had much of a break at anytime.
I have three deadlines looming and then I am allowing myself a break.
My kitchen needs some major work and I decided stripping cabinets and trying to do deadline pieces at the same time was a prescription for insanity. And  I really need to keep my sanity.  That doesn't mean my hook won't be working. I always have things that are crying for me to make. Just I won't have the pressure of trying to do anything in a set time frame.
I love that freedom anyways. I also love the freedom of just letting my hook and ideas flow on their own. I think that is why I like self publishing best. I can change things up until the moment I publish a design.
Though again I need to put my hook down long enough to get some of my designs up on my site. But Oh it is so hard to make myself put the hook down  and do the office work that has to happen to get a design up on my site.
Guess I won't have to look too far to have my New Years resolutions this year.
Well I have a few pictures for you from a trip we took a couple weeks ago up to Show Lo, Az.  We went through the Upper Salt river canyon on our way. I made poor Marv stop at every turn out going through the canyon. It was pretty awesome. The road is hairpin turns almost all the way up and down.  My heart was in my throat on more than one turn. But I behaved myself and didn't cry or scream. I really wanted to see the canyon and I knew I had to endure the drive to be able to see it. I bit the bullet so to speak and made myself enjoy it.

I fell in love with this Juniper tree on the rim of the Canyon.

The View the the canyon were spectacular. My camera couldn't do it justice. Well maybe my photography skills were the problem.
Of course flowers always jump in front of my camera. But I am only going to show you one this time. There were more.

View looking down river

The vistas can make on feel very humble and small.
But isn't this breath taking?

A Rare shot of me and Marv together. A nice lady offered to take the shot and we didn't argue. This was down in the bottom of the canyon.

Looking up river

And the four peaks posed for me on the way home.
Wasn't that nice of them
Love how the the cloud shadows play across the landscape

I also love seeing the water dancing and leaping down the canyon.
 When you live in Az water becomes even more special and you no longer take it for granted.


  1. I am going to have to go see that landscape in person some time- so different from anything I know. THANK YOU for all the wonderful photos!

    1. Michele you know you are always welcome here.