Wednesday, October 17, 2012


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”
Walt Disney Company, Mulan (Pictureback

We finally made it up to the Grand Canyon this weekend. We have only been promising ourselves to go since we moved down here. It was beautiful! But I didn't take my fear of heights into consideration. Walking the Rim was the best I could do. Even then I turned a lovely shade of green a few times. It's not nearly as much fun when you have to force yourself to keep going. Maybe it would have been different it we had gone in the spring at the end of our hiking season here. I was doing pretty good on the trails at that time dealing with my height issues. But it's been a long summer with little actual hiking so my bravery index is down.
Of course my camera kept seeking out and finding floral shots. You know I am just amazed at the beautiful flowers that can grow in such adverse conditions. The Desert flowers to me are a symbol of perseverance and strength to me. If they can bloom in such poor conditions there is no excuse for me not to be the best I can be in what life presents me.
Overall though we had a good time. The drive up was lovely and I got to see the San Francisco Mts with snow on them. That is the first snow covered peak I have seen down here. Thrilled me. We also drove through forest of pine trees and that always make me happy.
I love the delicacy of this. The subtle colors are awesome

The Grand Canyon in all it's glory.

Another shot of the Canyon. Layers upon layers

Another flower that said it wanted it's picture taken. I of course obliged.

We saw a mule deer and her three babies on our walk on the rim.
Mom did hold still long enough for me to get a couple decent shots.

Me on the edge. Holding on tightly and a nervous smile. But I did it by golly.

I of course took my current project with me and got quite a bit done while traveling. Always do. I am hoping to have this one done by the end of the week, Sunday at the latest. The yarn I am using is so soft. Feels wonderful worked up.

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