Thursday, March 14, 2013

And it's only Wednesday

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”
Leo Tolstoy
Been quite the week and it's only Wednesday.
Monday we got a call about our car which was in the shop yet again. They finally decided to total the poor thing.
They tried straightening the frame more than once and it still wasn't right so they finally called it a loss and put us out of our misery.
This has been a part of our life since the middle of last July when we were hit by a young man making an improper left turn. Turned right into us in the intersection.
So my good intentions of writing nice breezy crochet blogs this week went right out the window.
We started shopping immediately as we only had a limited time for the rental car they were providing us. So in a whirlwind we searched high and low for the right vehicle to replace the Forerunner.
We did feel that the car had protected us in the accident so decided another Toyota was a good candidate. We finally found one we both agreed upon. It's a Toyota Tacoma crew cab pickup. 4 wheel drive, 2007. Marv says he will haul dirt and bricks for me as I need them for my yard projects. I must admit it will be easier to do that with a truck than a SUV.
To make matters worse I got a nasty cold. So I wasn't the most comfortable while we were searching. Alright I will confess Marv was super patient with his irritable cranky wife. The poor salesmen really didn't stand a chance. It's hard to be cheerful,and smiley when you feel like the..... well I can't think of anything polite to say so you will have to use your imagination. Especially doing something you don't really like doing in the first place. It did have the advantage of they did leave us to ourselves after I snarled at them a time or two. 
I did manage to find a little time to work on my projects. Probably the only thing that kept our marriage from falling apart here. Marv has learned though over the years. If I get too stressed hand the lady a hook and set her in a quiet place and leave her alone....
I do have some bragging rights to share. I had intended to share a post about this on Monday.
I have two patterns in the Spring issue of Interweave. One is my Promenade Shawl, the other is my Promise necklace. I have to round up a picture of the necklace. But I do have a couple pictures of the shawl.  
My Promenade shawl resting before it left my house.

Promenade shawl

I was doing a photo shoot today and I had a very serious director.
Not much gets by Elsie.

And finally to make my day better I thought I would add a bright spot.
Hopefully the rest of the week will get better and better.
I am off to crochet and veg the rest of the evening.

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