Monday, March 25, 2013

Never boring around here. Trip, Blog tour and Car woes.

“We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world”
Helen Keller

We finally got to spend our weekend up at Dead Horse State Park this last weekend. We were supposed to go the weekend before. But ended up car shopping.
Actually we ended up combining business and pleasure this time as we picked up the car we had bought as they were supposed to do some work on it. ( Will go into that later ) 
So we actually had a vehicle with us to go see some of the sites in the area besides the motor home.
We enjoyed ourselves immensely. Though we were a couple weeks to early for the wild flowers up this high. My luck this year. We did see a lot of birds though. I managed to get a few good shots.
The Blue Herons were abundant around the lagoon and not camera shy like some places I have been.
Captured this fellow checking us out

I am trying to perfect catching birds in flight.
This guy cooperated with me and gave me my first decent shot.

Above the lagoon an Osprey was playing on the thermals. What an awesome sight.

At the ruins at Tuzgoot this little White crown was our guide.

We also went to Montezuma's Castle.
The ruins there are quite impressive.

And I did manage to find a few wildflowers.

Unfortunately we will be going back up there tomorrow and returning the vehicle we purchased. They didn't fix something they were supposed to and how they by passed the problem gave us some real concerns as to their trustworthiness. So we get to start car shopping again. If you note a lack of enthusiasm here you are right. We thought we were done. But there are some things you just can't live with.

On a brighter note.
Tomorrow two of my good friends will have their days on the
Tour through Crochet Country.
If you not familiar with what's going on there check it out 
Susan Lowman here and Michele Maks Here
Be sure to go visit their blogs tomorrow.
Remember I have my day on Thursday and I have a free pattern I will be posting that day. I am such an impatient person and this waiting for my turn has been sooo hard.
I have enjoyed the posts by everyone else and I have read each and everyone.  
I get to share my day with my mentee Lori Carlson.
We are both thread lovers.

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