Wednesday, July 31, 2013

old skill becomes new skill

I haven't knitted in years and years.
But recently a friend wanted to learn to knit with needles after teaching herself to knook.
Hi Susan
Well I dusted off my knitting needles and helped her to learn the basics while traveling to and from the CGOA Convention.
Unfortunately for her my skills were very, very rusty.
But lucky for her we shared out seats on the way home with Nancy Nehring and she filled in the gaps for Susan that I hadn't remembered.
But once the needles were dusted off I decided I needed a brush up on my skills and decided to play around with it a bit.
Besides it doesn't hurt to be bi-stitchual
Been playing with lace knitting as that's what would pull me back into knitting if anything.
This is what I am playing with at the moment.
Far from perfect, but I am having fun with it.
Pick it up when I need a break and do a few rows.
With time my tension will get better.
I am working steadily on a project for the CGOA design contest.
This one has been a real challenge for me. But that is what I love about the contest. It makes me grow with my skills and ideas.  The challenge to out do myself from previous entries.
Can't post pictures so I will post a few from out last outing the weekend before I left for convention.
Marv and Pip on the ridge on our last trip.
The weather was stormy and I caught this Sunflower in the wind.
I love how this one turned out.
Tree silhouetted  against the stormy sky.
And another thistle posed for me.

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