Friday, July 26, 2013


Marv encourages me to go to the CGOA crochet conventions
 so I can make the right connections.
I won't say I don't make good contacts there.
I do.
But you want the truth.
I go for the memories.
I walk away from each and everyone of these events with a million memories of great discussions, wonderful times of sharing, and a wealth of new friends.
That is my prime motivation.
From the moment I hit the airport this time my trip was special, as I got to travel with a dear crochet friend of my Susan Lowman.
I have never had a flight pass a quickly or as easily.
We talked and talked and talked.
Upon arrival it didn't stop. I won't go into everything that happened it would take too long to write about it all. Just suffice to say it was all wonderful and I am so looking forward to the next one.
So if you can swing it I recommend  going to at least one of these events.
If you should make it and I am there do not hesitate to walk up and introduce yourself. I love making new friends in my crochet circle. Each and everyone adds a special element to the circle that is makes up my crochet friends. It's always growing and changing with each event.
A motif of Joy.
Michele Maks focused on Professional development day.
She launched Mainly Crochet at this event.

Pam was in my buddy group at my first convention. We have been good friends ever since.

Susanna, My roomie and good friend with Sue the afghan queen.
Check out her afghans on Mainly Crochet.
Poor Jenny is probably wondering what she did to deserve me.
But I make a point of getting a hug from her everyday at these events.
She is a joy and bright spot in the crochet world.
I think she deserves a hug!

Susan my travel partner
Concentrating on learning a new skill
Knitting with 2 needles.

And Margaret Hubert.
You won't find a nicer person anywhere.
I feel blessed to know her.


  1. Aren't we a crew?! Wonderful, blessed event with so many good people!

  2. October is about two months away. It's going to be great!