Monday, July 22, 2013

Morning After

The morning after the end of a conference is a bittersweet time. You are glad to be home with your loved ones and sleeping in your own bed. But you are also wishing the sharing and camaraderie  with others who share your same passion could have gone on and on.
I had such a good time at the CGOA crochet conference that even though it feels so good to be curled up in my work space with all my things around me, I am definitely missing the companionship of all my fellow crocheters. Discussing, Sharing, Inspiring each other. Those things are so empowering. 
Today will be spent organizing my thoughts and ideas. Getting ready to meet the new challenges and
opportunities the show has brought me.
I wish I could list the name of all the wonderful people that made the conference so memorable and enjoyable. But I do need to get something done today. That list would be incredibly long.
I have already added two more great new ideas to the OH MY! I wish I had more time or 2 more hands so I can work on this and everything else I need to do list. Actually make that 3 great new ideas I just haven't added the last one to the post yet...... Do you have list like that?  I have so much on that list that I truly didn't need to add any more. But I guess it would be worse if there was nothing on my new ideas list and ran out of ideas. Don't worry I am safe on that account at this moment, my stack of sketches and ideas keeps growing and growing and growing.
I am posting a picture of one of the items I got to show off at the fashion show on Friday night.
Professional model I will never be, but it was fun.  Andee Graves and her crew did a fantastic job making us feel good about ourselves and showing off our creations. Thank you.
This is my Filet's Night Out Shrug
Back view 
It is so fun to get to share my passion for thread, my love affair with filet and the beauty of beads in this piece.


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  1. Kathryn ROCKED as a model in this shrug!