Wednesday, December 11, 2013

As Promised

I did promise to post about my book.
I do try my best to keep my promises.
The name of the book is
I am so proud of how this turned out.
It is a book I have thought about doing for a long time. I was so thrilled when I got the chance to make it a reality.
What I did was find classic Irish crochet motifs from books and magazines that have long been out of copyright and rewrite them in a manner that is easier to understand.
I know I have heard so many times how difficult reading the antique patterns are.
That they were frustrating and some almost impossible to decipher.  
Well I love Irish Crochet and I want to see it thrive.
So I really wanted to make the motifs doable by any one.
I set the book up for the traditionalist Irish crocheter and the modern day Irish crochet lover.
So many of the motifs have a
Traditional version
Padding cord rings, and padding cords.
and a
Updated version 
No padding cord rings and no padding cord.
I did the book all in size 10 white thread.
Not because that's what the motifs need to be done in, but I wanted the motifs to be the focus.
Not color,
Not the size thread or yarn.
I wanted to provide the patterns for you the crocheter to use in whatever size thread, yarn or color you desire. Not to feel you have to do it in the colors or threads I have chosen.
This project was the longest term project I have ever done.
I first had to choose what motifs to focus one.
What types of motifs to include
And then rework, rewrite and revitalize the motifs
Then I wanted to demystify fill in lace and creating true Irish Crochet pieces.
So I did a section on assembly.
There are some of my own motifs in there. As my creative juices wouldn't be denied.
 So hopefully this will be a nice reference book for anyone who wants to play with and or use the Irish Crochet motifs in their pieces.
That was my goal anyway.
Elsie helping me set up the shot of the book and some of the motifs included in it.
In spite of her help I did get a shot.
This is only some of the motifs.
You can find the book here at
I believe it is still preorder only or digital download.
That was hard work helping out, time for a rest in the sunshine.
Today was the first day nice enough I could open the door for her so she could go soak sun on the porch. She can't get thru the cat door yet.
But definitely on the mend.

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