Thursday, December 19, 2013

What sort of Business am I ?

What sort of Business am I ?
You know it's that time of year when you reflect on what you have done during the past year.
For me it's been reflecting on what I want to do with my designing.
To be truly successful I know I should become more business like.
Push a little harder.
Promote more.
But you know what.
I am a designer.
Not a business.
There is a difference.
I take an idea and create something from it.
Hopefully something beautiful.
Hopefully something  that touches others.
and hopefully I can write the pattern so others can have the joy of creating it themselves.
I don't want to be a business.
If I have to give away a part of myself to draw people, No thanks.
If I have to use lead ins to get you to buy one of my patterns. No thanks.
If I have to spend hours promoting instead of creating. No thanks.
When I was growing I used to say I wanted to be a starving artist.
Well  I guess I have the right attitude for that.
Since creating is more important to me than the almighty dollar.
It's a good thing as unless you spend a good part of your day being a business person a designer can only go so far.
I keep getting emails telling me I should do giveaways, games, and such to drive people to my site.
To me that feels like trickery.
I want a person to create one of my designs because it speaks to them.
Not because they got the pattern for a bargain  price.
I will be giving away a signed copy of my book next month. But it's only because I want to share my joy of creating something I think has value to crocheters.
So I think I will continue as I have been.
Creating first and fore most.
Submitting my designs to others and let them do the big job of promotion, as it's not my style.
It's a matter of knowing and utilizing your strengths.
Mine is to create.
So I will let my dreams and heart fly where they will and not try and be what I am not.


  1. Very well said. I am a huge fan of your patterns and I am currently working on one. Do not forget the part of life that is "playful" and full of Joy. Kind of like:What lights YOUR Fire? What makes You smile in Your sleep? There is room for all of this in our lives. Have a Happy Day. Your Alabama Fan....

  2. mary Thank you, I try and remind myself it is supposed to be a joyful noise I make. But it is so easy to get caught up in the desire to be successful. I always need to remember that if people like you, like and enjoy my work than I am successful. Glad you are a fan and happy hooking on the piece you are working on.

  3. I enjoy your patterns very much and am in the process of making one of your filet runners..that I ordered months ago..I do have a question though...some of your patterns call for size 3 thread..i guess to make the runner larger quicker..what will happen if I choose size 10 thread. I don't like the bulkiness of the larger threads..but I love a couple of the patterns. Oh yeah..please keep designing as you come up with some lovely lovely things, and let someone else do the promoting...many blessings

  4. Vikki,
    I personally use size 10 or smaller unless an editor dictates the size of thread. Then I do it in whatever size they demand. It's one of the things they control. Not me.
    If you make it in smaller thread you will just have a smaller piece.
    Editors are convinced it has to be in large threads or the average crocheter will not want to make it.