Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time to reflect and dream.

My New Years Wish!
I will try and greet the new year as
A dream not yet realized,
A design waiting to be created,
A ball of thread full of promise,
A pattern not yet written,
A song not yet sung,
A wish not yet granted,
A picture not yet taken,
A flower not yet sniffed,
A trail not yet followed,
A dance not yet felt.
A day not yet lived,
Each day will give me chance,
to reach out to friends,
to see the beauty in this world,
to create something beautiful,
to share life with those I love.
My wish for you
is that you find life and the new year
as wonderful as you can dream it.
Full of Peace, Prosperity and Joy
 Happy New Years to All My Friends and Family



1 comment:

  1. This is lovely, Thank You. I wish the same for you and yours. (Perhaps a doily of sunset/sunrise?) Peace from Alabama...