Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeling good.....

“Listen to what you know instead of what you fear.”
Richard Bach
When I walked into my greenhouse this morning I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me. I had sprouts, My cucumbers, green beans, zucchini and my beets had all sprouted. Now I only planted these on Monday, so I was quite surprised. Hopefully they will all do well and I will get some veggies finally.
I spent most of the day swatching for  a proposal.
Though I took time out to get the items ready to ship for the book. That and a package I can't say anything about yet. All of this will be shipped tomorrow. I always feel so much better when I know I will have everything where it needs to be before the deadline. I just hate being late with a passion.
I did finish up a necklace I needed to remake for myself. I lost mine on one of my trips last year. I think when I was going through security at the airport it fell out when I was getting my cosmetic bag out for them. Its the necklace that is in the Irish Crochet book and I have missed it. So before convention I promised myself to make another. Well I do keep my promises. Nice thing is I can share the picture since it has been published already
Well my darling Elsie cat has been bringing me presents. Of course she likes to bring them in alive. Last week she brought me a teenage bunny. I did a catch and release on him. Poor thing didn't know what to think. Hopefully he will stay out of the pet yard after this.
Last night she brought us a snake. Not a very big snake, but it wiggled and slithered more than enough for my tastes. Marv had to do the catch and release on this one. I chickened out.
It was a harmless ground snake. We let him go in my front flower bed. After reading that scorpions were part of the diet I told Marv he could hang around all he wanted. Just not where Elsie could get hold of him.
Irish Crochet Necklace all done. I will definitely be careful of it from now on.

This is the ground snake Elsie brought me.
So glad it was a harmless variety of snake.

Elsie the great huntress resting on the back of my chair.
She spends a lot of time there.

Took this picture of pip the other day. He was looking at me like you can't possibly want this chair. I am sooo comfortable here. Please say you don't want it. Of course I didn't make him move. We do have more than one chair in this house. A couple of them us human are even allowed to sit on or in.

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  1. That snake is so brightly colored I am surprised it is a harmless variety. Color usually portends poison in the snack world. They are masters of deception though and this guy does a nice job of appearing dangerous!

    Good work on the redo of the necklace and the starts in the greenhouse!