Monday, June 11, 2012

A simple but satisfying Victory

“If you can accept losing, you can't win.”
-Vince Lombardi
I finished embellishing my dress that I will wear as an underskirt for my skirt.  Nice thing is since I am not planning on writing up the pattern I can actually share pictures with you. Can't share the skirt yet. But the dress trim? Yes!
Done in size 10 thread in a color that ties in well with the skirt. No the skirt is not done in thread. It's done in a sock yarn that I like.

This the finished  piece. I really like how the little dangles add to this one.

This is a shot of it in progress as I was playing around with the added flowers and the dangle.

Another shot of the finished embellishment.

This piece ready to be sewn on and the added flowers added to it.
Lots and lots of bullion stitches on this one.
Love that stitch.

Over the weekend I do believe we got my greenhouse set up so it is actually usable for me. We put on the shade cloth across the roof and on two sides. Then we added a misting set up to cool the air. Got rid of the swamp cooler as it was less than desirable. Okay it was a piece of crap.... We added a fan and Voilà. Its wonderful in there. We did add a timer system so the mister and fan turns on at a reasonable time and  runs intermittently through out the day, then shuts off when things start to cool off.  So hopefully I can now think about growing some of my veggies again. I do miss my fresh tomatoes and so far the birds have gotten all the tomatoes but one here. Now they can't get to them.  
I planted some items this morning. We will see how they do. But I am feeling a lot more positive about this. What a Victory for us. I was beginning to think I wasn't meant to garden down here. Not when something came through and ate my zucchini plants. I mean really! zucchini is so simple to grow and I failed miserably. My confidence level was at an all time low. So my Victory garden has a different meaning for me than for most people. It's just a victory to be able to grow something here.

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  1. If you manage to get things growing... you can call it your "personal victory" garden! Sounds like you might have hit on the right set up to manage the heat... I will keep my fingers crossed for you.