Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Always a good thing

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”
Bruce Lee
I finished my skirt yesterday and it is currently blocking. What a great feeling to finish a large project. Especially when you really do like the results.
I do have to finish writing the pattern up for it. I may even make myself another one as I do. Even considering doing it in thread. But then I just love the look of thread and think this would lend itself to it wonderfully.
Now though I have other projects that have been screaming at me to do them. So I will move on at the moment. Though I do want to get the skirt pattern out there shortly. I have good feeling about this one.
Well I added a new pet to our household last week. After seeing this lovely vase on my friends Susan's table. I took a close look at it and realized there was a lovely fish swimming around in there. It was Betta fish. I did tell her I was going to copy her idea and do the same here.
So I went to the Goodwill and found a great vase, the dollar store and bought some colored marbles. Brought them all home and put my vase together. The greenery was easy. I just cut a slip of the same type of plant Susan used in hers. Now I was already for an occupant. 
So when we were out on Friday I told Marv we had one final stop to make as we were getting a new pet. He hadn't a clue what I was planning. So we stopped at Wally world and I picked out this lovely Betta fish. Marv joined right into the idea of a new resident in our house and helped me pick out just the right one.
He now resides in my vase sitting on the end or the breakfast bar. We are enjoying him immensely. 
Though last night I thought I had killed the poor thing. It says to feed sparingly. Well I over fed him by accident and he wasn't looking too good last night. We both kept a close watch on him. Not that you can do anything for a fish except hope. If I had a horse with a belly ache I would know what to do. But a fish! No. We could only watch and hope.
Thank fully the little guy made it. He was swimming around normally this morning. Thankfully I didn't kill him with kindness and I learned a valuable lesson on my fish keeping. Less is more.....  I understand what sparingly truly means now. Next to nothing.
We named him Guinea Pig as he is an experiment. Guinea for short. The joke is if he doesn't survive his replacement will be New Guinea..... I know tasteless joke. But fish are fragile and I am learning on this fellow. Hopefully he will survive, but I am determined to learn how to care for my Betta fish named Guinea. 
I am posting pictures of Guinea since I can't post pictures of my skirt.
Here is a shot of Guinea
Let's hope he lives a long and wonderful life her.
And another showing off his colors.

I took a black and white shot by accident. Still learning my camera.
But thought it was interesting so I am including it.

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  1. I love Guinea! He is a cutey and you obviously have done your homework on proper care for them. I like that you made his environment more livable and interesting.