Friday, June 29, 2012

Great news

I know I haven't been on in over a week. I feel bad. But the last week before heading off to Manchester was crazy. I had a couple deadlines to fulfill, A proposal to get out, and I was crocheting like mad when I wasn't working on those things to get the shrug done to go with my skirt.
Which I did manage to complete the day before I flew out. Pushing it. But it all got done......
Now fast forwarding to tonight, well last night really. The entries I had in the CGOA design contest did me proud.
The shawl I recently finished took 1st place in the Accessories division. I also took 3rd place in the same division with another shawl design.
I also took another 1st place award with one of my purse designs. The doily I entered took a 3rd place award.
So out of my 5 entries 4 took awards.
I tell you now it's a pretty heady feeling to do this well in one competition.
It feels good to have my thread and laceweight designs do that well. As you all know that sort of designing is my passion.
So I am feeling rather proud at the moment that I represented my passion as well as I did.
I can't upload pictures here so you will have to wait until I am back home for pictures.

Just going to add this link with the results and some pictures.


  1. Your designs are all so beautiful and it sounds like you had a very successful trip on many levels.

  2. I saw everything already over on CGOA and Kathryn everything is Beautiful.......Congratulations on the 4 wins !
    Maybe next year you will have all 5 as winners. Either way, in my book your already a winner. I love all your work.
    Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar

  3. Congratulations! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I sometimes do not comment, but I do read your posts. Stay cool!