Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finishing touches

“Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut at the right times.”
Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear

After trying on my skirt I realized that the waist band had a little too much give. Not wanting to embarrass myself at convention and have my gorgeous skirt fall off. I decided I needed to put a elastic waste band in it. So I had to go find the right elastic this morning. Finally found it at the 3rd stop. I knew I should have went there first. But then again I wouldn't have found some crochet thread I needed. or the beads that are perfect if I hadn't hit the other two stores first.

So now I am doing my least favorite thing. Hand sewing the elastic in. It is the ideal solution though. I will be able to wear my creation without fear of something awful happening. If Marv was home he would be laughing at me each I time I let loose an ouch!!! He always chuckles when I prick myself, as he knows how much fun I am having.

I have several small projects I want to finish up this weekend. One I might even be able to post pictures of.  OOOOOOOOOh that will be a treat. It's the trim work for the under dress I am wearing with the skirt. Have to dress it up and put my touch on it you know. There won't be pattern involved so I can post a picture.

Last weekend we hit the Arizona Sea Life Aquarium. We are trying to find things to do this summer that will be fairly cool. It was a nice afternoon. It's not a real large aquarium. But they have done a nice job with it. I am posting pictures I took. They aren't the best as I took them on my cell phone and it's not what you call a great camera.

I do have one flower shot for you. It's my first Gardenia blossom. Wish I could share the smell.... Heavenly.........!!!

This just smells so wonderful. I love Gardenias

The Jelly fish are always so beautiful to see.

I loved this Starfish. I can see an idea for a doily here. I love lace in nature.

I have always been fascinated by Sea Horses.

And just on overall view of one of the tanks.
I was actually surprised at the pictures this cell phone took. Better than I expected.
But I was wishing I had brought my good camera with me.
Next time I will know.


  1. I love Gardenias.
    Terry Devine aka sunnywolfgar

    1. This is my first one. It is just starting to bloom.

  2. Great pics! I live in Louisiana and our gardenia bush has already bllomed and gone. The bush was chocked full of flowers and ahhhhhh....the fragrance was heavenly! I picked bowl fulls and set them around the living room. Beautiful and acted like air fresheners!

    1. This is my first year with this plant. It was rather small when I planted it. I noticed I have more blooms coming on. Yeah! Couldn't grow these back home so I am enjoying being able to have them here.

  3. I had te unfortunate experience of having my skirt fall off in a Bonwit Teller in NYC many long years ago. Not much you can do but look stupid and pray that there aren't too many people between you and the bathroom. So......appreciate what you'll be missing while you're doing that least favorite thing!

    1. Oh my! You make me very glad I took the time to do this. It's all done now so I can go work on more enjoyable things now. My list of things to do before convention is getting smaller everyday.

  4. Elastic is always a good option! A day at the aquarium sounds rather fun. Have not been to ours for about two years - over due for a visit to the Seattle Waterfront for a day of playing tourist.