Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Organization. What a joke!

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
Emily Dickinson
I took the time yesterday afternoon to sort through my idea sketches. Wanted to remind myself of what things I want to make and sort of prioritized them as to which ones I would like to work first. But of course this is subject to change as I get other jobs to do. But there are certain projects I want to make time to make no matter how busy I get.
 What started me going through the sketches is I added a couple more to the stack and took a good look and realized it was getting a little out of hand here. I have two letter posts I stick my ideas on. They were getting a little full. They are still just as full, But  they do have some sense of which ones I would like to work up first.
The one aspect of all this is I doubt I will ever run out of things to do. I just have to ruffle through this stack and my fingers itch to create.
I look around me and I see two projects in progress. I also have the thread sitting here tempting me for a thread project. It helps to keep me motivated to finish up the projects I have on my hook. The sooner I am done the sooner I can let a new idea take off.  But my desk looks anything but organized. Neat files, organized boxes of yarn and thread don't exist around here. But I still manage to get everything done. Everyone works differently. So as long as it works I don't think I will worry too much. I do know where most things are at all times, and that is what counts.
Well I have a few pictures for you today. 
We have had rain this past week. YEAH!  Of course things take off when there is any moisture around here. Under my tree in my front yard I had mushrooms or toadstools not sure which they are. First I have seen of these. So I had to get pictures. 
I also tried to capture the moon last night it was almost full and I caught Pip too.
Since I can't share pictures of what I am creating at this point I will share these with you.
I love the look of these,The patterns of nature fascinate me.  

And a closer shot! My mind is playing with ideas. We shall see what comes of it.

Not quite full, but so compelling. I wonder what the neighbors would think if I started howling.

They would probably look at me like I was nuts. Just like Pip does sometimes.

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  1. Organization should be a 4-letter word! Mostly, I'm with Pip, but then it takes one to know one, right?