Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy last couple of weeks and still crazy

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
Winston Churchill

I apologized last time I was on for not posting and now It's been over three weeks. I guess I really should get down on the floor and grovel for that. But I think I will pass.

I have been so busy the last few weeks. Settling in after such a great trip to Manchester. Waiting for my feet to finally hit the floor after doing so well in the design competition.
Then I was swatching like crazy trying to get things sent off to editors.
Last week I could finally draw a deep breath and think about just enjoy the work and the process.
We thought we would take advantage of this time and give my bathroom a much needed face lift over the weekend. You know new paint, new toilet, new vanity and sink, new door that opens the opposite of the old one. Which when all is done should give the poor room a much larger and more open look. We removed the shower door as I never shower. I am a bath soaker..... Give me a good book and lots and lots of bubbles to relax by.
Well all was going well.

Then on Sunday we got bumped....... Well our car did anyways.
Some guy forgot that you are supposed to yield to oncoming traffic in an intersection. He turned right into us while making a left turn. Thankfully he only clipped our front quarter panel. We are both in pretty good shape considering. Though Marv has a broken thumb. Me? Well I have places that ache that I didn't think could ache. The main one being my chest where the seat belt stopped me from going into the dash. But better that then what I could have looked like or felt like without that seatbelt. But I do ache and will for a while I think. Our poor car will be a while being fixed. 
 So between doctors appointments, car rentals. Stress.... lots of stress. My life is Topsy turvy again. My bathroom is half done and waiting for us to be able to finish it up. 
Thankfully my crocheting helps to keep me sane and gives me something to do while my body heals up.  
I will try and do better about posting here. I have to admit I have missed my blog. It's great to be able to ramble on about what is going on in my life. Helps me keep it all in perspective.

Me at Convention with my Winning Shawls.

The poor Toyota after its ill fated meeting on Sunday.

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  1. Sorry you are feeling all those aches and pains from this most recent adventure (misadventure!), but I am sure glad that that is all you are dealing with and nothing much worse. Hopefully you both will be feeling better soon and can wrap up the bathroom facelift project.

    Nice pic of you by the way!