Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two days in a row! On a roll!

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein
I am so proud of myself and for such a simple thing. I got my family room all cleaned up. Right now it's a major challenge as it hurts to do a lot of things I normally take for granted. So this was a biggie. It was driving me crazy though and something had to be done. I am so much more productive when I work in a pleasant environment. Afraid the rest of the house is going to have to wait though and only get the picking up and straightening that I do between cleanings.
I can even see my desk top..... WHOOOHU  and I haven't even finished the project I am working on. That is when I normally reclaim my desk.
I still haven't found anything to plant around my bird bath that the rabbits won't eat. I keep testing plants. I buy one plant that I think might be a candidate and put it out by the birdbath and then wait to see if it gets visited and eaten. So far Rabbits 6- plants 0.  I got a picture of one of  the rascally fellows yesterday. Can't take the best shots as I am shooting through the window and the screen door.
There are days I think the desert just might win! My luck with growing anything edible is zilch. I have had one very expensive tomato so far and 1 green bean the critters missed. The green house should help this winter but it is just too much of a sauna in there in the summer. That and the water is so hard on the valves and sprinklers. I don't mean to whine but it is frustrating.
I am doing better on the flowering plants though as long as they are shrubs. I did figure out how to keep the lizards from stripping my plants bare. At least I think it was lizards. I bought a bunch of glass light shades and have turned them upside down so the wide end is at the top. They apparently can't climb over the glass and my plants have a chance to grow. So my lantana, gardenia, fairyduster, and mallow are all starting to get new growth on them and look almost healthy. Once they get big enough I can take them off and they should be able to fend for themselves as they have left the larger plants alone. Only my baby plants were being attacked with vigor.
I have 3 three projects on my hooks at the moment. 2 with deadlines and one just because I need to feed the creative side of my soul. I always need a " what if "  piece going.  So I have the 2 designs that I have already figured out and just need to finish crocheting and writing the patterns up for and I have the one that is still 80% idea and only 20% fact yet. I only allow myself to work on this one though when I have put my time in on the other 2 designs. It's the carrot I am dangling out there for myself.
I have 2 pictures for you today. One is my Spectrum picture I took yesterday afternoon.
I love this shot. It really humbles me to see how easily nature can produce art. I just feel lucky enough to have captured it with my camera.
The other is the rabbit and my plant. The little criminal needed a mug shot. I don't think putting up wanted posters would do me much good. My luck everyone would dump their pesky rabbits on me and I would have a worse problem than I do........  Think I will leave well enough alone for now!
This is why I always keep my camera close to hand these days.
Love the color and the shapes

Mr Rabbit and the poor sacrificial plant. It was twice as big as it is now.
I think they should at least leave me a Thank you note for all the goodies I am putting out for them.


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