Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elsie's saga and it's not over yet.

They creep into our hearts and souls.
How does it happen that we give so much of our hearts to our pets. And you don't even realize it until something happens to one of them.
 I had a heart stopping moment on Sunday evening when I received a text from my husband.
Your cat just broke her leg. Compound fracture.
Now I am up in Spokane visiting my mother and wasn't scheduled to go home until the next evening. You can imagine how rattled I was.
Marv took her to the vet and they X-rayed, splinted the leg and sent her home. They did mention surgery to Marv but didn't press it so he figured she would heal.
 Not be perfect, but heal enough to go on.
I was so glad when I did get home finally late Monday. To see and snuggle with my girl.
She and I both slept better. 
She has been so good through it all so far. She has already figured out that you have only to ask and the food comes down off the dryer or you are lifted up onto the bed.
I took her in today to get the bandage changed and the doctor showed me her X-rays. Seems like her odds of healing up okay weren't all the good. Like slim to none. So now we are talking surgery or amputation. I have an appointment on Monday to discuss the options.
Talk about heart wrenching.  
You may ask how she did herself under. We are only guessing as she isn't talking. Marv thought he would give them a treat and turn them out into the pet yard.Which hasn't been used since the bobcat showed up and we realized a 6 ft chain link fence might discourage the coyotes, but it wouldn't slow down a bob cat much. So the trees have become over grown. ( they are on my list to trim up now that the weather has started to cool. But they were down on the list, not on the top, so were still waiting )  She climbed up onto the garage and apparently couldn't get back down.
At least without trying to kill herself.
We do have Pip to thank for alerting Marv to her plight. He realized she wasn't where she belonged and insisted Marv go out side now. You know the jump on the person sort of warning, And jump and jump until you get the answer you want. He led Marv straight to her. So Pip is sort of a hero here.
As I said Elsie is handling things well.
Me? well not as well as the cat.
Drove home in tears today.Trying to imagine Elsie on three legs. Which is a real option as surgery may be so expensive it will be our only viable option.
One way or another though we will see that she doesn't have to live with pain of a poorly healed break. I can relate to that since my finger still pains me at times and compared to hers mine is nothing.
So that is where we stand in the cat saga. Elsie hanging in there, Me, hanging in there by the proverbial string. Marv making sure it happens as needed. and the budget is going to be screaming but we will deal with it as always.
Elsie in her splint
My favorite shot of Elsie.
I need something mom.
Smug smile when I listen to her.
Pip the first alert dog.  
 Thank you Pipper dog
And Bilbo, Elsie's brother, you can see how concerned he is.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this! Bravo Pip! Will be thinking about your dear sweet kitty and hoping for the best for all of you.

  2. Not the best news on the follow up for her - but I know you will take care of her and she has many good years ahead of her yet. Love all the pics of your fur baby family.

  3. Wow, what a cruddy decision to have to make...keep her leg and let her be in pain or take the leg off or spend a whole lot of money and try to keep it. I am sorry, but I am sure you will make the best one for yourself and for your kitty.