Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wnderful People, Wonderful times, Wonderful memories!

You know it's funny, but when I am out hiking I take a gazillion pictures. When I get among friends at events, or when with family I rarely take pictures. Such was the case at the CGOA convention last week. Half the time I didn't have my camera with me, the other half I was too busy having a good time to remember I had it with me.
So there fore I only came away with 3 shots of people.
I have everyone stamped on my memories. But you can't see into to my mind to see what I see, so I can't share.
The people were all so wonderful. The Crochet Rock stars,( you know the ones that you hug hoping some of their talent rubs off on you )  the Kindred spirits ( the ones I connect with anytime we get together)  my fellow attendees, ( my class mates, and everyone I spent time chatting with )  all the wonderful newbies ( the future of our industry ) and the gracious staff that put this all together, I wish I had a picture of each and everyone of you to share here. Some of these categories cross over into each other. But everyone that I talked to, shared time with, or crocheted with were such a large part of why I go to these events. I couldn't even begin to name them all to you. Wish I could so you would know how much you all mean to me. but heck by the end of the week I had to keep referring to my name tag to know who I was.
So here are the few pictures I have. I vow each time I come home I will do better. Alas I never listen to myself.
Everyone knows and loves Doris. She is such a joy to be near.
Susan Lowman, My good friend.
Sharing class time with me.  
Vashti Braha
She is a great designer and teacher.
 I took 2 of her classes and she was nice enough to put up with me and my motor mouth.
As I said I wish I had taken pictures of everyone to share.
My Bad.
My loss.
But I will always have the memories.

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