Monday, October 7, 2013

Motor Mouth

I just got back yesterday from the CGOA Crochet Convention.
I had such a wonderful time as always.
But I realized this time that I am earning a reputation of being a bit of a motor mouth, extrovert, wild lady.
You know it's only at this sort of event I am like that.
See I am not denying it.
I do get to be a bit over the top when I go. I can't seem to help myself. I am like a kid in a candy store or toy store. I get so excited that I almost get to be more like the proverbial bull in the china shop. I want to see it all, do it all, talk to everyone. But it is so wonderful to be able to go and connect with people that the eyes don't glaze over the moment you mention what you do. That understand the joy of finding just the right thread or yarn to make something with. To discuss the pros and cons of different ways to do things. To just share your passion with others that share it is a heady experience.
To me it is more intoxicating that liquor, and it does seem to have the same effects on me. I lose my restraints. I speak up in front of others, I strut out and show off my crocheting. I talk where I normally just listen. I giggle uncontrollably at times. I talk a mile a minute.
It's sad but true I am a motor mouth at these events.
Would I change it.
It just shows how right this sort of show is. A place to come and share, learn, teach, inspire and be inspired. The fact that I do let myself let go and really enjoy the experience and feel safe doing it says a lot for what the show represents.  
I am terrible about taking pictures at this type of affair. So I will post a picture of what I feel like I am when I am flitting about during the event. Maybe not so pretty, But I am soaking up something from all the people I talk to, the things I see and the opportunities to learn.  But I have to fly from one to the other so I don't miss any of it.
So many things to do, people to talk to, places to be I can't hold still.
Tomorrow I promise I will talk about how I did in the design competition.
Lots to share.


  1. I keep telling myself I am going to go to one of these events...someday I might actually do it.

    1. Would love to meet you when you do make it. It's Manchester next year in July. I do warn you I might talk your ear off.

  2. It is a delight to hear you talk and such a pleasure to see you again Kathryn! You are a friend to all - and we are better for it. See you in July!

  3. I would not say motor mouth, excited yes, motor mouth...only in the most loving way. Love you just the way you are!