Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why is it so.....

Why is it that when I have a full load of pieces to work on and most of them have deadlines, that is the time my brain kicks into overdrive, and I come up with one idea after another. I think it’s like forbidden fruit for me.
You can’t do it or have it , so you want to even more.
Ever have that happen to you?
I just added three more ideas to my stash of possibilities and want to do’s 
One thing it assures me of is I will never, ever, be bored.
I haven't been bored since I seriously decided to try my hand at designing.
And since I don't ever see me quitting this as long as my hands and my brains are able, then I am assured of something that will need my time and energy to make will occupy my time.
My brain does dart around though like a drop of water on a hot frying pan. Each of the ideas I have put on the post today are totally unrelated to each other. Where they come from? who knows. I have never tried to totally analyze how my brain processes ideas. I just accept that it does, file away the ideas as they come to me and move on to what I am working on already.  
I have always been most productive though when under pressure.
I gathered it all together yesterday to see where I was and make plans for the next couple months. Without trying I will be occupied well into the next year at this rate. I didn't need to add three more ideas to the mix. One which is seriously calling my name. Those type of ideas normally go to the short list. Since I keep three projects going at all times, and one of those has to be a creative, just because I want to make it type project, then it stands a chance of going on the hook within the next 3 months. That truly isn't too bad since some ideas have been on the post for over 3 years now. As I said I will never be bored. There will always be something that jumps out of my brain that needs me to make it. Always.....
I am not whining, complaining or looking for sympathy. Just stating a fact. It's the way my life is these days.
And Yes I Love it.
Most of the projects and ready to go projects gathered together.
If they are on a clip board they are either ready to go or in the works.
I have 12 clip boards at the moment with projects that are screaming at me. Do me Please!
Three that are in the works  
Oops, missed one. This one was waiting for thread to arrive.
Which it did ten minutes after I took the shot. So it moves to the head of the line.
It won't have too wait long.  
So as my morning arrives you know what I will be doing.
and the day after that.
What  a life.

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