Wednesday, March 14, 2012

another one done

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”
George Lucas
I knew the project I have been waiting to do with my thread would not take long. And I was right. It is already on the blocking board. It is even all written up. As I stated yesterday I had it already planned and the kinks worked out. I was just waiting for the threads I wanted to use.
So now I can concentrate on the project I have been packing around with me the past couple of weekends. Won't take all that long now that it will be my major focus.
First though I think it's time to find the desk top once more. I always amazes me how cluttered it can get when I am in creative mode. Won't take too long to clean up. Mainly put all my lovely threads away until I need them again.
I promised pictures of our Sunday hike today so here they are.
We haven't had much rain this winter so the water holes are starting to dry up.
It was a pleasure to see this pool of crystal clear water

We were inspected by this Cardinal.
He didn't hang around long once he realized I was taking his picture.

We visited the old cattle station. You can see the old windmill in the back ground behind the loading chute.

Of course the 4 peaks posed for me. Love the shadow of the cloud on it.

Marv enjoying himself.

Marv caught the gnarl on this tree for me.

A Close up of part of the gnarl.

Pip enjoying his hike. He gets so excited when he thinks we are going hiking.

A Cave we saw on the trail. Big enough to stand up in.

Part of the old fence line of the cattle station.


  1. I really enjoy looking at the photos that you and Marv take on your walks, Kathy. You have inspired me to walk around my little town looking for interesting shots.

  2. Glad you like our pictures from our hikes. Though there is always things of beauty everywhere if we just take the time to see. I keep telling myself I need to carry my camera around with me more, as I see lots I want to take pictures of.